Understanding the concept of custom mailing bags

by Caitlin
two mailing bags

In simple terms, mailing bags are waterproof, self-sealing, secure, wear, and tear-resistant bags used for shipping or sending out emails. Mailing bags also go by the name mailer bags. Most mailer bags are made out of polythene because the material is waterproof and secure. Polythene mailing bags can also be recycled. Customized mailing bags are mostly used by online companies to ship their products. They offer several other benefits apart from shipping, including the fact that they can be used as a promotional tool. In this article, we seek to dig dipper into the aspect of custom mailing bags.

Components of a custom mailing bag

Logo of the company

The logo of the company on a mailing bag would help to promote the company and popularize the logo of the company hence making it identifiable. 

Brand label

One of the crucial components of a custom mailing bag is a brand label. Printing a brand label on your firm’s mailing bag will help make the bag act like promotional material. A brand label on a mailing bag also helps a company to sell its brand. The brand label should also contain the name of the company to market the brand effectively.(check some on deepking label)

Other information on the company

Additional information can include a quote from the company, the company’s motto, the company’s vision, or an image of the company’s choosing. The bag does not have to have all this information, as it may make it not appear neat and professional. You can choose a single detail that would stand out. Using an image of graffiti may also add to the attractiveness of the mailer bag.

Theme colors

Several companies have adapted to the use of theme colors that represent their brand. For instance, Coca Cola has Red and White as its theme colors. This means that a company like Coca Cola would paint their mailer bags red and white so that they can represent their brand better. 

Benefits of using custom mailing bags

  • Custom mailing bags help to create a professional appearance when shipping products
  • Custom mailing bags act as a promotional tool
  • They help ensure that products arrive at their destination securely and in perfect state

Factors to consider when choosing a mailing bag manufacturer

Quantity of production

For a company looking to purchase mailing bags for shipping, the volume is a crucial factor. A manufacturer who can produce high amounts of bags in a short time would be the most suitable.


The cost of the products is also a crucial factor to consider

Printing capabilities

It is always essential to go for a manufacturer that can print bags of different types and sizes. The quality of the printing also has to be remarkable.


While polythene mailing bags are recommended for most shipping tasks, they are limited to non-fragile products as they may not be as secure for fragile products. Cumbersome products and products that are too large may not be suitable for shipping in polythene mailer bags. However, mailing boxes can also be customized. 

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