Four main models of configuration for kitchen sinks

by Caitlin
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Many people have argued that kitchen sinks are the most utilized fixture in the kitchen. Compare the number of times in a day that you use the sink with the number of times you use other accessories like the microwave or countertop! The high chances are that the sink will come on top. This fact, therefore, means that the sink is a crucial part of any kitchen. Kitchen sinks can be used for a variety of purposes, including cleaning of food, preparation of meals, and dishwashing as well. There are various types of sinks in the market, like the Mensarjor kitchen sink. The differences lie in the area of installation style, brand, and model of sink configuration. 

Types of configuration for sinks

Kitchen sinks feature various basin configurations. They include:

  • Single-bowl sinks
kitchen sink

Like the name suggests, a single-bowl sink is made up of one basin. Single-bowl sinks are standard in many homes. The main reason for their popularity is the fact that they are easy to install. Single-bowl sinks are also affordable because they do not use up a lot of materials. But note, different materials can be used to make single-bowl sinks. Another fact is that single-bowl sinks are conventional in houses with a few occupants and can only be utilized for a single purpose at a time. These types of sinks are available in all sizes.

  • Double Bowl sinks

Double bowl kitchen sinks are standard in the more traditional homes. While they may be more costly and challenging to install, this type of sink is more convenient. This fact means that double bowl sinks are flexible and can be used for a variety of purposes at the same time. Double sinks also come in different configurations. The sinks either can be sized evenly or unevenly with varying depths. The choice of configuration highly depends on the preferences of the user. The downside to double bowl sinks is that they tend to be smaller hence less comfortable to use when washing large utensils.

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  • Offset bowl sinks

Offset bowl sinks refer to sinks with one large bowl as well as a single small one. This type of sink provides space and separation element for washing dishes and rinsing them. The sinks can also be used for several other purposes, like preparing meals. Offset sink bowls are also available in a variety of sizes.

  • Smart Divide Sinks

Smart divide sinks come with dividers that are half the height of the dividers in conventional double bowl sinks. This type of sinks offers the benefits of both a single sink and a double bowl sink as they can easily be divided. The sink is suitable for cleaning large utensils and provides the separation option for washing and rinsing. The downside to this type of sink is that it is costly.

Final Word

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Choosing the best sink configuration for your kitchen may take a lot of research and consideration. It is wise to take a look at the pros and cons of all the types of configurations first. Other factors to put into account include the intended uses of the sink and the cost.

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