BMW navigation screen replacement for your new car

by Caitlin

Is your car’s navigation screen is getting older, and you are thinking about changing it to the latest one? Then you have to get the BMW navigation screen replacement in your vehicle. The BMW navigation screen replacement is equipped with the newest technology for upgrading your car. It comes with multiple impressive features for providing you a better driving experience. Let us discuss some of these exciting features.

Built-in GPS

The screen comes with an integrated GPS for enabling you to have the complete information of areas and locations. They will not only guide you properly towards your destination but also tell you about the places around you by using your local coordinates. It will give you all the information about the roadways so that you can know which route is the best for you having minimum traffic and covering distance. The directions shown on this screen are better and accurate than any other navigation system. The option of installing navigation apps such as iGo, google maps, Sygic is also a plus. So, if this navigation screen is installed in your car, you will not be lost ever again.

Use your cellphone apps:

Want to enjoy your phone applications on a clearer and a bigger screen than your phone’s screen? You can do that so by connecting your phone with the screen via a mirror link. Attach a USB cable with your phone and screen to connect them and have fun while playing your best games on a vast screen. In this way, you can have a bidirectional control over your navigation screen and mobile phone.

Call while you drive:

You are a busy person who gets many businesses calls in a day? Can you not reject them and want to listen while you are driving? The BMW navigation screen replacement is for people like you as it has a built-in Bluetooth and A2DP, allowing you to make hands free calls so that you can focus on the road and avoid those expensive fines as well. Moreover, it provides you the feature of playing your playlist on it via Bluetooth. All you have to do is connect your mobile phone with the screen through Bluetooth. Stream as versatile songs as you want; it will do it with efficiency.

Installation of BMW Navigation Screen Replacement

The installation process of the BMW Navigation Screen Replacement is very straightforward and uncomplicated. They have a full step by step guide along with pictures for its installation. Don’t worry, the original car functions of your lovely car will still be there. You will be upgraded to a modern car stereo and lose nothing from the car except for its old navigation screen.

BMW Navigation Screen Replacement Specifications

The following are some of its unique specifications are:

  • It supports all original car functions
  • Screen is anti-reflection
  • Android 10.0 Operating System with Qualcomm Snapdragon models
  • Android 9 Operating System with PX6 models
  • Built-in Quad-core Mali400 graphics processor

The screen will not only improve the performance of your vehicle, but you will also feel the difference clearly while you are driving.

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