Reasons Why Bathtubs Can Give You Better Health

by Caitlin
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If you are currently undergoing the debate of whether you should get a shower or a bathtub for your bathroom, we are here to help you decide. Obviously, we are on the sides of bathtubs but this is because they have a wide range of health benefits to give you compared to a quick shower. Have you ever heard of hydrotherapy? Apparently it has been used for centuries. The act of submerging the body in water, whether hot or cold, has its health benefits. Here is a list of those benefits:

Being in a horizontal position boosts your mood

When you use a bathtub, your body is in a horizontal position and this improve your mood. A warm bath in particular can remind you of the warm and liquid conditions of the womb, which is why you feel instantly comfortable. The horizontal position is said to give our subconscious a sense of security.

Calmer nerves

Submerging your body in water calms your nervous system. This is why you feel relaxed when you soak in a bathtub. Your nervous system reduces your anxiety and stress levels, which helps improves your mood. The feel of moving water also will stimulate the touch receptors of your skin and this will help relieve tense muscles. It is impossible to step out of a bathtub bunnings in a bad mood.

Better breathing

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When you are in the tub and the water is past your chest with your head sticking out, this places a pressure on your lungs and chest. If you are taking a warm bath, your heart will beat faster and your oxygen intake improves. The steam will also clear out the sinuses in your chest. If you are taking a cool bath, this will help reduce your risks to infection especially for people who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Improve blood circulation

Soaking in a warm bath for 30 to 40 minutes improves your blood circulation. The hot water relaxes your blood vessels, causing the boost in circulation.

Relieves arthritis pain

When you soak in water, your body undergoes hydrostatic pressure. This decreases the effect of gravity. As a result, your sore joints are relieved of pressure. If you do a warm bath, the hot water helps relax the muscles and dilate the blood vessels as well.

Better skin

When you use a bathtub, you can soak your skin in essential oils that helps keep your skin moisturized even if you are taking warm baths. Compare this to using a hot shower that strips off the natural oils that your skin needs with no compensation.

Relieves muscle pain

A hot bath is an equivalent of wrapping your body with a hot pack. The hot water blocks the pain sensors and therefore provides pain relief. Add bath salts to the equation and you can feel total relaxation.

As you can see, having a bathtub is not just about leisure, relaxation, and maintaining good hygiene – it can also contribute to your overall health and well-being. So why miss out on these benefits? Get a bathtub for your bathroom right now and start living a healthier life!

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