Are You Using Your Cushion Foundation Properly?

by Caitlin

Recently, ladies are ditching their liquid foundation and compact powders for cushion foundation. This beauty trend started in Korea has been taking up the makeup industry by storm.

But did you know that many ladies do not really know how to handle their cushion foundation? It may not look like such a complicated product at first glance, but there are some factors that you should consider to end up with the right product for you and how to use it properly.

If you are one of these ladies, never fear! This article will discuss tips on how you should choose your bb cushion foundation and how to use it properly.

What type of cushion foundation should you get?

There are three cushion foundation types: natural cushion foundation, matte cushion foundation, and brightening cushion foundation. Each type produces different results.

Now some ladies make the mistake of just picking one type of cushion foundation, and they think they are all good. This could be okay as long as you choose the right type of cushion foundation for your skin’s needs. For instance, if you have oily skin, you should not use a brightening cushion foundation by itself since this will make your skin oilier.

Makeup experts actually recommend that you get all three types of cushion foundation. Use the natural cushion foundation as your base. Then, use the matte cushion foundation on your T-zone area. Lastly, use the brightening cushion foundation on your nose, your cheeks, and under your eyes to help emphasize your face’s contour.

Check your skin color

The next decision that you should be consciously making is the color of your cushion foundation. Of course, you have to choose something that goes well with your skin color.

Never choose a color that is lighter than your actual skin color. Overwhitening can drastically affect the contour of your face.

To make sure your cushion foundation looks good on your skin is to dab some on the center of your face. Then, using the applicator, blend from the center of your face towards the outer parts. Applying the cushion foundation this way will give your face a brightening effect. For the finishing touches, use shadow powder to highlight your face contours.

Applying the cushion foundation

Remember that when using the applicator of the cushion foundation, always do it in a light and gentle manner.

Tap the applicator on your skin two to three times, and if you need to blend, do it gently. Never push or press the applicator on your skin and then drag since this will cause fine lines on your face.

If you prefer using a bigger applicator than what is provided in the package, perhaps a blender or powder puff, this is no problem. All you have to do is, after pressing on the cushion foundation to get the foundation liquid, fold the applicator so that the foundation will be distributed evenly. This will lead to a more meticulous application.

Remember, having the best cushion foundation in the market will not work if you do not know the proper ways to use it. Now that you have all the information you need, you can get better results with your cushion foundation.

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