A guide on How to Maintain Swim Spas

by Caitlin

A swim spa gives your yard a luxurious feel and a spot to entertain guests, friends, family, or yourself. The spas offer relaxation in the form of hydromassage and space to swim either professionally or for fun. They also have health benefits which are great for your body. The China Royal Spa manufactures different spa models giving you options to choose to fit your space. Proper care must be given to them to benefit more from the swim spa experience. In this extract, we discuss ways of maintaining swim spas.

Ways of Maintaining a Swim Spa

Like any other pool equipment, swim spas need to be well taken care of to prevent unnecessary health and safety problems. Negligence could lead to damage to its water system or the spa itself, forcing you to cater for all the repairs. Some maintaining tips include;

1. Checking the Water

Swim spas function as needed due to the water in them. Hence, it’s an essential part and should be checked daily, whether they are used daily or not. The water color must not change from blue or have any bad odor. The presence of these two factors can be an indication of problems either resulting from the filtration system or any other part of the spa. Chlorine and calcium chemicals used should be well balanced. Chlorine is the main culprit for skin irritation if used excessively. The pH can be measured using test strips and adjusted accordingly to levels between 7.4 and 7.6 for the safety of every user.

2. Change the Water

Over time, the spa water needs to be changed every 3 to 6 months to keep the system clean and allow the chemicals to work effectively. Drain all the water and rinse the filtration system before refilling the swim spa. However, changing the water can be done depending on how frequently the spa is used and the number of people who use it each time.

3. Clean the Filtration System

It is one of the most important elements of the swim spa that keeps it functioning well. Cleaning is recommended at least once a month to remove dirt build-up. Due to wear and tear, you should replace the filter at least once a year. During cleaning, remove the filter cartridge and soak it in water containing bleach for a couple of hours, rinse with water then let it dry in the sun. Put it back in the filter and start the filtration process.

4. Shower Before Using the Swim Spa

Naturally, we apply lotions, oils, and deodorant to our bodies even when relaxing in the house. It’s important to rinse them off to maintain the chemical balance in the water and prevent the clogging of the pipes. Also, rinse the swimsuit in case you use fabric softeners.


Proper maintenance of the swim spa prevents minor problems that may turn into significant mishaps requiring immediate check-up. The tips above will help you care for your spa, or the seller can provide you with a maintenance guide during the purchase.

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