4 Important Gardening Tools For Beginners

by Caitlin

For most people, gardening is a hobby that has proven to be repeatedly satisfying. Not only does it mean growing flowers and plants, but gardening also helps the mind to experience maximum rest. If you’re a beginner here, it’s important to note that gardening can get tedious at some point. Nevertheless, you can still make it exciting and fun-filled. How? By introducing the use of gardening tools.

That said, there are a variety of tools that you can implement to help ease the tedious process of gardening. But you will find them out when you keep reading this article:

Gardening Tools for Every Beginner

These are the top 4 gardening equipment that you should consider getting if you’re just starting as a gardener:

1. Hand Fork

The hand fork can be described as a small gardening tool that can be held by hand. It’s majorly used for loosening and aerating hard soil. Weed clusters can also be dug up and easily removed using the hand fork. If you want till palms in pots, the hand fork is usually the perfect equipment.

Besides, dividing plants that are ready to be transplanted is made easy as this gardening tool tends to come in handy.

2. Spade

When working with larger gardening spaces, most gardeners use the spade to dig. It helps to create straight-sided, bigger, or deeper planting holes, and this mainly because it has a rectangular, flat blade.

Sometimes, the spade can be confused for a shovel. While they may have similar features, the main use of a shovel is to dig and fill in the dirt during planting.

The blade of space is also ideal for creating edges on grass lawns and beds. Even though it may not be as effective as the shovel while lifting soil, it’s still able to lift some amounts of soil.

3. Hand Trowel

The list isn’t complete without the mention of a hand trowel. It’s easily one of the most basic gardening tools that you will hear about. Simply put, it’s one tool that classifies you as a good gardener. The main function of the hand trowel is to dig and create tiny holes in the plants and moving soil to help for the easy carrying out of potting and planting activities. It’s also the perfect tool if you’re working with plants in containers as it can easily fit in tiny places during soil digging.

Additionally, if you’re to mix soil with peat moss, coco coir dust, rice hull, and other mediums of planting, the hand trowel can come in handy as it allows you to mix the soil easily.

4. Shovel

This is also a lifting tool that can be used for excavating a landscape and also moving soil. This is because it comes with a curved blade that’s wide enough to carry larger stones and dirt.

The shovel isn’t the same as a spade. It has rounded tips and can move mounds of soil in large quantities, unlike the spade.


The first step to becoming a good gardener is by learning the trick and tips involved. This guide explains the top gardening tools you should know about; it’s highly essential.

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