What I look for in a Blog

My blog or space as I like to call it is by no means perfect.

I find myself checking over it every day and thinking over and over, is it funny, is it informative is the font right are people enjoying reading.

I was just hanging my washing out and thinking what do i enjoy reading in other peoples blogs? So here are a few of my observations:

  • I really gravitate towards blogs with catchy names. If your blog has a boring title and tagline then I probably won’t click onto the post.
  • Lots of content: I like when there’s a big selection of content especially if I have found a blog I’m really enjoying reading. Don’t fall into the trap of posting for the sake of posting. The reader will be able to sense if you are not interested in your subject and this will turn them off.
  • The Font Size: You want your post to be readable. I find bigger fonts to be easier to follow. If your font is tiny it’s just going to give me a headache and I won’t want to read on.
  • Ge involved: If you want people to follow your blog then you must get involved. Comment on blogs that catch your eye. Remember always post your blog link into the comment. This helps to drive traffic to your site.
  • Tags: I only just realised lately that I wasn’t tagging my posts. Tags help others to find your blog.
  • Grammar and Spelling: I really struggle with this. It’s important to try and make sure posts are grammatically correct and that the spelling has been checked. Sometimes I copy and paste my post into Word and check the spelling and grammar before publishing.

So that’s some of the things I look for. How about you, what pulls you to a blog?


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