Days out with the family: Legoland Windsor

Family days out are far and few between for us right now but as the weather has been amazing this we decided quite spur of the moment to go to Legoland Windsor.

I’ve been 3 or 4 times in the past but Max was always too small to actually have the full benefit of the day out. Luckily Legoland is awesome not just for kids but for adults as well.

I wanted to review this day out again because this time Max was able to go on the majority of the rides which made it a completely different experience. Hopefully, my review will help you make the decision whether a trip to Legoland is worth spending money and time on.

Getting There

Legoland is a 1hr trip from here in Kent along the M25. We chose to visit the park during the week and we left our house at 9 am. If you are travelling at the weekend and driving I would highly recommend leaving much earlier, the M25 can turn into a car park very quickly at any given time. The park is also accessible by train. Check this link for detailed directions: 

Opening Times:

The park opens at 10 am and shuts at 6 pm. We used a voucher so had to purchase our tickets on arrival. There was a bit of a queue for the tickets booth so you may want to bear that in mind. Where possible I would advise you to buy your tickets online in advance.

Height Restrictions 

Max was finally tall enough to actually go on some of the rides. The restrictions include a minimum of 0.9 m and anyone under 1.9 m must be accompanied by an adult. There were still a few rides he couldn’t go on. We found that most rides didn’t allow babies on laps, so myself and Kai spent a lot of time waiting for Max and his daddy to get off the rides.

Food and Drink 

There is drink stands in every land and plenty of options for food. We ate at the pirate’s burger kitchen, the food was priced at around £8.00 for an adult meal. We brought lunch for the boys with us to try and keep costs down.

Baby Change facilities

I loved that there were plenty of baby change facilities, not only in there own rooms but also in the normal toilets. In Guest Services in  Heartlake City, you will find a baby centre where you can feed your baby and change their bums. If you require bottles or food to be heated then you are encouraged to ask a member of staff for assistance.

Our favourite parts of the park


LEGO® Star Wars Miniland Model Display & Gallery

We began our day at the Star Wars attraction. It was so impressive to see whole scenes recreated brick by brick in Lego. You get a real sense for the talent and skill the Lego builders have, no detail is too small, in a word it’s amazing. We noticed that this mini land had definitely had a facelift since we first visited a few years ago.

Dupoland/Drench Towers 

The play area at Dupoland is without a doubt one of our favourite parts of the park. In the past, this was my go to area because it has no height restrictions in the park.

The play area is split into different sections, like a Princess castle, a fire station etc. The floor is all tarmac but it looks like grass. What I really love about this area is that everything is soft and very clean. I was happy to let Kai have a crawl around.

Every other time we have visited Legoland the weather has been so so, this time we were blessed with beautiful sunshine. This gave Max the chance to visit the Drench Towers which is located right next to the play park.

I didn’t get the chance to go in with Max he went in and played with his Dad, judging by his meltdown when we told him he had to leave he had a great time. The splash park had a large selection of changing rooms and lockers if required.

There wasn’t much room for me, Kai and the buggy but we were quite happy to chill out in the play park.

There is a shop next door to the park which sells swimsuits, towels and nappies.



No trip to Legoland is complete without a visit to Mini-land. This was the last stop before heading home. We all thoroughly enjoyed walking around taking in the sights of the miniature Lego cities. From London to New York they really are so impressive. The staff at Legoland keep the models in tip-top condition, each time we visit we notice something new.

Max and Kai both enjoyed watching the cars and trains moving unassisted. It’s funny seeing Max looking like a giant amongst the small models.


We really had a lovely day at Legoland Windsor. I don’t anticipate our yearly trips stopping anytime soon.

If you are looking for a fun-filled day out with plenty to keep the kids amused, then this is the place for you!





Image Credit: Legoland Windsor/Max and Kai

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