Nimble Baby Bottle cleaner – (A review)

As a mummy to 2 small human boys under the age of 2 means one thing….. we have sterilised a LOT of bottles.

Max still has a bottle at night before bed (although we stopped sterilising his bottles when he turned one) and Kai has four bottles during the day with the occasional bottle at night.

Kai is four months old so we have a while to go before we can ditch the steriliser for good. That’s a day I cannot wait to come.

I feel I have been washing and sterilising bottles for eternity.

We have always used washing up liquid to get rid of any milk nasties that may be hiding in the teat and bottle. Up until now washing up liquid had always done the job.

That is of course until we were approached by Nimble Babies and asked to review their milk busting remover solution.


It was a revelation not to use washing up liquid, to find an alternative to the soapy suds.

First off you need to check out Nimble’s website they have a super cute site which is very easy to navigate. They also provide lot’s of helpful information all about bottles and how to keep them smelling and looking clean.

Enough of the chit chat, how does it work?

It is so simple; you just need to fill up your dirty bottle with water ( I use warm water) give a couple of squirts pop the teat and lid back on and give it a good shake.

For stubborn stains, you can give the bottle brush (I always include this step).

The result is a lovely clean bottle with no residue of milk or grease.

Just follow your general sterilising instructions and bobs your uncle you have one sparkling clean bottle to give to your offspring.

I was so happy with the results from using the spray; it’s not something I would necessarily have gone out of my way to buy. We are so glad to have discovered the solution; it’s changed the way I clean my babies bottles.

No more bowls of bottles left to soak in washing up liquid. Nimble’s Bottle cleaner is so much quicker. It worked great for us and saved time which means more to spend with my kids (or doing housework).










We were sent a bottle of Nimble bottle cleaner to test and review, all opinions are honest and my own

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  1. December 4, 2016 / 7:37 am

    I end up putting any bottles we’ve used in the dishwasher, as otherwise I find they have a milky residue sometimes and can seem greasy! This sounds like it could help with that #thepod

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