How to get your carpets “baby friendly” with Sparkle Carpets

When we moved to our house the state of the carpet never really bothered us. We knew we would just replace it at some point and we didn’t have kids so it was never really an issue.

Fast forward 4 years and 2 kids later and the state of the carpet is a real concern.

We realised soon after having Max that replacing the carpet was not going to be very high on our list of priorities financially, we were so busy being overwhelmed with the whole new parent thing that we hadn’t even thought of the alternative to having the carpets replaced.

He spent most of the time till he could crawl, laid on soft blankets on the floor, I couldn’t bear for him to touch the carpet(although hoovered). From crawling at 1 to walking at 15 months the carpet was put on the back burner, added to the list of things we needed to do around the house.

When Kai came along 19 months after Max I knew I couldn’t have a carpet covered in stains any longer. At 7 month’s he loves to roll off the blanket I have laid down for him.

These are the “Before” Shots. I’ve always been incrediably embarassed by the state of the carpet.

The mission was on to find a professional carpet cleaner, one that I knew would do a good job and more importantly not cost the earth.

I came across Chris from Sparkle Carpets on Facebook, you can find his facebook page here.

The page is full of positive reviews backed up by amazing pictures of before and after shots of carpets, rugs and upholstery.

This company was the answer to my carpet stained prayers.

The night before the big day we had the fun filled task of moving all the furniture into the other rooms in my already tiny house.

When the boys woke the next morning they had a real look of shock that the room was bare. Max even said “Oh No” like something bad had befallen our sofas and unit. He had a whale of a time bombing around the now empty front room, as only a toddler can do.

We chose to pack the kid’s off to their nannies for the day for a few reasons:

1. Let’s face it they will be in the way. We wanted Chris to be able to do his job without the fear of toddlers getting underfoot.
2. The chemicals- Whilst the chemicals are not harsh, it’s not really good for little lungs to breathe them in, especially small babies. If you are going to go down the clean route I would recommend finding someone to watch the nippers.

3.. We wanted a break! Totally selfish but as Danny is also off we thought we may get to spend a little time together (god forbid) alone.

Chris arrived very promptly at the agreed time and basically got on with it. Which let’s be honest is what you want.

The process of cleaning the carpets took around 2 hours and you need around 4 hours with a well-ventilated house to dry.

You will see from the before and after shots that the results are amazing.

To replace the whole carpet would have cost us hundreds, so this was a great alternative at a fraction of the price.
Anyone with kids will know there really is no point having expensive carpets or furniture until they have grown up and moved out.

I would highly recommend having the carpet cleaned professionally.

Chris emptied 5 buckets of black filthy water that his machines had lifted from the carpet. So really it’s worth having a good clean even if just to lift off some of the dirt and grime that settles in over the years.


In exchange for this honest review, we received the carpet cleaning service. All opinions are my own.


  1. February 24, 2017 / 7:36 am

    Wow what an incredible difference! You must be so pleased!

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