Funky Giraffe – A dribble bib review

We have a real dribbler on our hand’s in the form of Kai. I’m sure he’s been teething since the day he was born, but alas no teeth yet.

He inherited a lot of bib’s from Max’s dribbling day’s most we had to chuck out because let’s be frank after a year and a half they were pretty grotty.

After seeing a review of the brand Funky Giraffe’s bibs on another blogger’s site (You can check out Vicki from Tippy Tupps review here) I knew these could be the product we were searching for.

The opportunity arose to work with Funky Giraffe and to be honest, I jumped at it, I wanted to review a product that I felt would benefit you “my reader”. A review that would be of use in choosing the right dribble bib for your child.

We have used every style of bib that you can imagine. With Max I was never that keen on the “bandana” design he was a chunky monkey and I found the bibs to be a little too tight around his neck.

With Max I was never that keen on the “bandana” design he was a chunky monkey and I found the bibs to be a little too tight around his neck.

The saying goes that every child is different and in my case that’s certainly true, for in Kai’s case we love the “bandana”. I think maybe he has a different shape neck to what Max had as a baby.

Dribble Bibs:

The Style:

As soon as the package was ripped open the first thing I noticed was how blooming soft these bibs are. There also double layered, so although the outside of the bib may be wet this doesn’t seep through to the underside. This is a must have for me, often we will be out and about and Kai will have dribbled up a storm but I won’t realise until we get home or I take his coat off. Having this extra piece of mind is fantastic because all that dribble can sometimes cause a very nasty rash on his neck.

The Designs:

We were sent a range of different designs from cars to dinosaurs, there was also a few plain ones included. I love that They weren’t too boyish and could also be worn by a girl. Looking on the site you will see they sell a huge selection including personalised and larger bibs for older children.

The quality after a wash?

We have had the bibs for a week or so now and I can confirm they have washed up lovely. They held their shape and are still super soft (we air dried them, you cannot tumble dry the bibs)

The messy apron:

Because we have just started the mammoth task of weaning Kai, Funky Giraffe also sent us a “Messy Apron”.  It was perfect timing because dinner times are very messy in our house. The apron fitted Kai well with plenty of room to grow. The cuffs are elasticated and the fasting velcro. It really did what it should do, protectKai’s clothes from food stuff on his lap or stashed down the side of the highchair.

I recommend Funky Giraffe, they are very reasonably priced for a high-quality product. They have 10 bibs for £21.00. When I think of all the money I have wasted on bibs that have not really met our needs, I just wish I had found this company sooner.

You can find out more here: Funky Giraffe

Have you come across these bibs before, what do you think of them?


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