From breast to bottle- A Haberman Review

Kai struggled with breastfeeding, he just couldn’t get on with it.

We actually had just 2 occasions when he latched on lovely. He must have decided it wasn’t for him because it never happened again.

In the end I pumped for a month and he has been on formula ever since. I guess thins post should really be called from bottle to bottle 🙂

We were approached by Haberman to review there newest innovation for bottle feeding- The Suckle Feeder!


We had reviewed this before when Max was a little un, you can find the review here.

Haberman’s suckle feeder supports the paced feeding campaign. The idea behind this being that the baby decides how much milk they drink and how quickly or slow;y they consume it. Both our boys have been demand fed. We could not see the logic of feeding your baby every 4 hours rigorously, sometimes they would want more and sometimes they would want less.

I have spoken before about feeding cues such as sucking fingers or licking lips etc these are a dead giveaway that Kai is getting hungry.

Paced feeding is perfectly coupled with the suckle feeder because the milk completely fills up the teat eliminating any chance of air bubbles, this  means baby can feed upright at there own pace something un heard if with other bottles.

The design of the bottle is solely focused around the teat, there is a button that allows you to fill the teat with milk this absolutely takes away any possible air bubbles without the need for valves in the teat or holding the bottle a certain way.



What are the pro’s of the Suckle Feeder:

  • The design is very fresh, having green instead of blue or pink is refreshing
  • The idea of the teat is inspired, often Kai will only need a few burps to get the wind up
  • The bottle is large so you wont need to swap when the baby drinks more than 5 oz
  • The parts clean easily and are simple to put back together

The Cons of the suckle feeder:

  • After using a more bulky teat for 3 months Kai finds it a little hard to get his head around the new shaped teat. Im sure a breastfed baby would take to it like a duck out of water
  • The bottle is quite bulky which makes it a little harder for little hands to grasp

The suckle feeder costs £9.80 which may seem a lot for a feeding bottle, you will not need to change teat sizes so you will have a huge saving there.

Have you used the Suckle Feeder before, what were your thoughts on it?


*we were sent the suckle feeder to test and review, all opinions are honest and my own*



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  1. March 23, 2017 / 3:24 pm

    Will definitely bear this in mind for next baby. You are so right about the teats costing a fortune!

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