The Positivity series: Week 1:7 Steps to help make each day a positive experience.

There is so much that we should feel happy about in our lives, our families, friends and children. I’m sure at one point we’ve all felt the weight of real life pull us down. With all the negative stuff we seem to read in the papers and see on the news I thought it was time for a change.

This new series is all about the inner happy, whether it’s an experience that left a profound positive effect or a kind word from a stranger. I want to celebrate happiness and positivity, the good that is left in this world.Each week will feature a guest post around the posters

Each week will feature a guest post around the posters happy week. This could be anything from a story to a poem. Maybe a picture or an experience that has left you with a smile on your face and a quickening in your heart.


This week Stephanie from Expert Home Tips shares 7 steps to achieve total positivity:


7 Little Ways To Make Each Day More Positive

 Rushed mornings, traffic jams, shirt stains – let’s face it, life can get even the positive parents among us down from time to time.

The key to making each day a little more positive? Well, there’s no denying a week away or a brand new wardrobe help, but often it’s little things that turn our day around.

Here are 10 little ways you can fit a bit more positivity into your day.


  • Breathe some positivity into your day

Yoga doesn’t just look amazing, it feels it too. The deep breaths taken during practice helps to calm and concentrate the mind – a helpful tool to have for busy parents!

Relax into Downward Dog, or better still, sink into Child’s Pose, and take five. You’ll feel positive about the day ahead in no time.


  • Happiness is listening to your favourite song



A bit of a Michael Bublé fan, are we? Don’t try and hide it! Four minutes listening to one of your favourite songs is often enough to fill you with happiness and completely change your mood.


  • Dress up to make yourself feel good












Who says you can’t dress up on a week day? During the busy working week, tiredness means personal appearance takes a bit of a backseat.

While making an effort may seem unappealing on those tired morning, it could be the thing that turns your day around.

Pull on your favourite blouse, sweep some eyeshadow on, and you’ll feel instantly more positive about yourself, and your day, as a result.


  • Write ‘One Line A Day’ to capture positive points

Time flies past so fast – do you ever take a moment to appreciate it?

A one line a day diary is a great way to capture the most positive points of your day. You may find it hard at first, but the practice will teach you to appreciate the smaller things in life.

Looking down, you’ll realise your day wasn’t so bad after all, and feel happier and more ready for the next as a result.


  • Chat your way to a happy day

Socialising makes us happy, most of us know that. You may not always have time for a ‘Girl’s Night Out’, so make sure you’re getting your daily dose of adult interactivity elsewhere.

Whether at the checkout, in the work canteen or watching your little one play football, be a chatterbox. Speak to the person next to you, and fulfil your social needs for a sweet dosing of happiness. Who knows who you could meet!


  • Step outside and let the world fill you with positivity














It’s easy to feel positive when you start noticing the beauty of the world around you. Take a moment to step outside and look and listen to the sights and sounds surrounding you.

The song of a bird, determination of a senior runner and sweet scent of carnations are great little happiness boosters you can access every day.


  • Kind people are happy people

“We rise by lifting others.”

Holding the door open, picking up someone’s dropped item, complimenting your colleague’s shirt – small gestures that will lift the recipient and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Be kind, and your happiness levels will reward you for it.

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