The Positivity Series: Finding my happy!


I occasionally struggle to feel positive in my life.

I’m forever letting people and situations get me down. How many of us are guilty of that?

Last week Steph from the blog Expert Home Tips shared 7 ways to try and find a little happiness in our lives ( 

This really got me thinking about what makes me feel happy and positive in my life.

Today I want to share some of my happy.

My Kids 

This one’s kind of obvious but the kids do make me feel happy, they also drive me nuts in equal measure but that’s another post for another day. I can be having the worse day where people may have peed me off or I feel a bit overwhelmed with this whole parenting gig. All it takes is for Max to give me a spontaneous hug and a “love you mummy” and the world is righted again. For Kai to achieve a milestone that makes my heart sing with pride.

Days Out

Too much time indoors really gives me cabin fever. It’s not only detrimental to my state of mind but it also has an effect on the kids. When we have days out as a family that really brightens my days, whether we are having a big day out like Legoland or just a trip to the local park for a picnic. Spending time together is so important, seeing my family having a great time really is a tonic.



We don’t have loads of friends, and that’s how I like it. I love spending good quality time with our close friends and their families. I m very fortunate to get to spend one day a week with my best friend, its great to just get out if the house and have a conversation with another adult.


Getting enough sleep.

We have gone a bit backwards with the kids sleeping patterns in our house. Before the arrival of Kai Max slept so well, he would go down without much bother at 7 pm until 6.30 7 am. Kai turned up and that all changed, recently he has been waking once or twice a night and quite often I have to lie in bed with him to try and settle him back to sleep. Kai still wakes once or twice a night (which I would still expect him to at this age).

I constantly feel exhausted, I think I have adapted to being able to function on very little sleep. As a mother, you have to learn to cope on little sleep. On the random nights where both boys have good nights kip the following day I find I feel like a different woman.

Refreshed and ready to face the day, I long for the night both boys sleep well so that I can feel like that all the time. I try and not let that get me down because I’m well aware one day the boys will be big and they won’t need me at all and then Il miss the late night snuggles and sleepovers.


I actually love my blog and nothing makes me happier than finding time to write about a subject I feel passionate about. There’s not always enough time in the day for everything I would like to achieve on the blog but it’s definitely beginning to become my happy place. I wrote a post recently about time hacks for blogging when I follow these hacks I feel like I have achieved a lot in a small space of time.

So these are some things that make me happy, what makes you happy?

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