A Letter to My Son (Who Has Started Waking in the Night)

Today’s post is a guest post from a lovely blogger Nicola at Mummy to Dex. It’s all about her baby boy Dexter who up until recently was a sound sleeper. I can totally relate

It’s all about her baby boy Dexter who up until recently was a sound sleeper.

I can totally relate to this post, Kai was doing so well with sleeping up until a month or so ago. Having to start getting up again after being so used to sleeping through the night is a killer.

If you have a baby of weaning age then I highly recommend Nic, her site is full of fantastic recipes suitable for babies and adults. I find myself browsing her site for inspiration at dinner time.


Dear Dex,

You have always been a great sleeper. Even as a newborn baby, you woke only every three hours to feed and then went straight back to sleep. You started sleeping through at around thirteen weeks old, having a final feed at midnight and waking at six the next morning. Since you were five months old you have gone twelve hours every night.

Last week you started waking up at 3am for a feed. I tried to avoid giving you milk as not to create a habit, but when you are screaming louder than a banshee, I feel like I didn’t have much of an option. Daddy works really hard to bring us money so we can have nice things and I really don’t want to wake him.

You and I don’t get much of a lie in to compensate for the witching hour wake up either. You are wide awake at 7am, ready for more milk, shouting ma-ma-ma-ma until I drag myself out of my warm, cosy bed. 

It’s not your fault that you need comfort at 3am. You are going through a scary transitional period in your life where you are learning probably much more than you can handle at times and are in a lot of pain. You now have four teeth and countless more on the way. You have started to learn words which can be heard in the way you babble nonsensical vowels and consonants and you are aware of every sound and every movement around you. 

Some mornings I find it very difficult to open my eyes and come to you. Daddy has already left for work, so it’s only me and you. Sometimes I am so tired, I sleep through your crying. I am truly sorry for that. I don’t mean to leave you to cry. The tiredness can sometimes be that overpowering. 

I hope for both our sakes it’s a phase. A regression. I hate to leave you for those two minutes each night while I make the bottle. Listening to you howling, thinking I’ve abandoned you. I try to move as quick as I can, I promise you. 

I’m going to try to find a solution for us, more milk during the day; a dream feed before I go to bed; introducing snacks, who knows if it will help, but I can try. 

Meanwhile, just know, that no matter how tired I am, that it doesn’t matter to me how many times you wake up in the night and need me. I will always come to you. It may take me a little longer some mornings, but I will come, no matter what. 


Nicola (Mummy to you)




  1. March 8, 2017 / 8:08 am

    I can relate to this so much. We’ve gone from sleeping nearly all the way through to waking every morning at 3am…. YUCK! I also feel bad for sleeping through his cries, sometimes I just lie there too tired to get myself up. One day, they won’t need us and we’ll miss it, that’s what I cling too. Beautiful post!

  2. March 12, 2017 / 11:01 pm

    aww this is so lovely and can totally relate, <3 such a lovely story i couldn't have written it better myself

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