World Book Day- Is it actually encouraging kids to read more?

We don’t really have the world book day dilemma in our house. Max attends nursery on a Friday and World Book Day fell on a Thursday this year (shame that).

As with every year, my feed is full of kid’s dressed up in cute costumes and the shops have been chockablock with costumes for weeks now.

It really got me thinking (now I have the boys ) what is World Book Day really all about and does it really encourage kids to want to read.

This is the 20th year for World Book day, which explains why I don’t remember doing it at primary school. I’m quite old and they didn’t haven’t this in my day.Ther was 5 of us kids living at home, it would have cost my mum a fortune in costumes. Although we come from a different time, I imagine my mum would have whipped out the sewing machine and whipped up an appropriate costume.

I wanted to find out what World Book day is REALLY about and what mums and teachers alike really think of it.

What is World Book Day and it’s purpose?

So I had a little looksie on the net and I stumbled across an actual official website for this day of books. So it’s a real thing and not just a day made up by the supermarkets in a ploy to make more money. If you would like to find out more information about the actual day please check out this website :

The idea behind it is for children in the UK and Ireland ( not really the world but hey ho) to come together over a love of books.

If the school registers then they will send (Including nurseries and secondary schools) packs of book tokens and resource packs. The child can take their token to a local bookseller and use it to get a free book from a selection of 10.

Now, this sounds more like it encouraging every child to read whatever the age.

The question on my lips is this: Why such a big empathise on dressing up?

Undoubtedly every child loves a dress up sesh, but has this become the main focus of the day distracting from the actual purpose. Or is it a fun way to get kids excited about reading? Has the day become less about the books and more about the competition of whose kids looks the best. Also has anyone else noticed how the supermarkets are totally making a killing on this day?

Also has anyone else noticed how the supermarkets are totally making a killing on this day?

Here is the opinions of some other parents on whether they love or loathe world book day:

Lauren, Mummy to Jack and Olly (Typically known as a muggle – A none blogger)

“My Boys love book day and they spend weeks deciding what book is their favourite and what character they want to be. They really look forward to the schools reading breakfast with their friends too”

I can totally vouch that Lauren’s boys are in fact “Book Mad” I’ve seen the collection and it’s extensive. So I’m not at all surprised they are world book day enthusiasts.

Victoria at Mummy Times Two 

As an English teacher I love it. I love that it inspires children who wouldn’t normally think reading was run to look at it in a different way. I love that it celebrates those who love reading and makes it cool for that one day. And  I love that it means I get to spend a day doing all I can to make reading fun, rather than being tied to a curriculum.

Nadine at Then I became mum also works at a school, her school takes a slightly different approach to it.

It depends on how the school organise it. I’m a teacher and our school doesn’t dress up, which a lot of parents are unhappy about. However, I completely agree with the school’s stance. There are some children that just don’t have the support of their parents so it stops those children being singled out. Instead, our head organises lots of theatre performances at the school based around well-known books, and she also provides each child with a book (usually from one of the performances they’ve seen). That way each child is included and it has more of an impact on encouraging children to read.

It seems not everyone is in favour of world book day, many commenting on the extra pressure of having to find money to buy a costume or find the time to make one from home. You also need to remember that not all kids have as involved parents (for whatever reason), is it fair for those children to feel singled out or isolated on these days.

“I personally think it adds pressure on parents and stress on some kids. It would be much nicer to foster a more general love of books organically and in the way that suits the individual in my honest opinion! (Ex teacher, now home educator)” – Katie- Living Life Our Way

This is Max’s fave book. Which reeks of irony because this week he certainly has not been “Happy”. It’s a great book that deals with emotions. As you can see by the state of it,we have read this book A LOT, like every night.

So what do you think about World book- Yay or world book- nay?

What’s your child’s favourite book to read, and do you feel that World Book Day makes them want to read more?




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