Vaccinations: Max and his 12 week jabs

Vaccinations isn’t really a subject I’ve been too keen to talk about here on my blog. I’ve seen the reactions each side have on the net, opinions get pretty heated and I was never sure that I wanted that kind of heat on my little space of the internet.

Today I’m feeling brave, I’m going to share my opinion. That’s right MY OPINION, not yours. It’s not meant to be factual I’m not a doctor but I do have the right to CHOOSE whether to vaccinate my kids or not. As their parent, that decision is

As their parent, that decision is MINE (and my hubbies) alone. Not the nurse or the doctor or the pushy receptionist at the local GP.

Vaccinations scare me and I think the reason is because I’m just not as clued into them as I would like.

We know what the purpose of the jabs is MEANT to be for, to help prevent the spread of certain illnesses. Do they work, is there a hidden agenda and what will the side effects be for my child?

Many parents will read that and think oh wow she’s so dumb, just do it vaccinate your child. I don’t see it like that, the choice to vaccinate is never quite so black and white. To not look at it from both sides and to make a decision that is unbiased is in my opinion pretty irresponsible.

Like I said above, I’m, not a doctor, or scientist I have no clue what goes into these jabs. I kind of feel like the research and medical jargon behind the jab is a bit mind-blowing, I don’t have a degree, I’m just a bog standard mum

What will the side effects be for my child: Not one person, doctor, nurser or otherwise can tell me what the long-lasting effects of a vaccination will be  upon my child. That’s because every single human is made up differently, there’s just no way to tell. This makes me nervous, kind of makes me feel like we’re treating our children as human guniea pigs.

I also think a lot about the pharmaceutical companies where the jabs are made, it seems the government always seem to want to go with the cheapest (what effect does that have on the jab). You also have to question about the financial profit both the government and the pharma companies are making from insisting our children should have these injections.






I and my husband made a decision to allow Max to have the 8,12 and 16 week Jabs.

Tomorrow will be the 12-week jabs thou he is actually 13 weeks now.

Really not looking forward to them as they say that the 12 weeks are worse than the 8 weeks. I really hate the idea of pumping chemicals into my baby, especially at such a young age.

Touch wood he didn’t have an adverse reaction to his 8-week jabs. We know that jabs can cause fever and a rash in some cases so we were definitely on high alert for that.



At his 8 week jabs the nurse commented on how sensitive he was because he cried, mmmmm think I’d cry as well if somebody stabbed me in the leg with a needle. She kind of made me want to stab her with the needle see if she cried.

She kind of made me want to stab her with the needle see if she cried. I was honestly quite surprised by her insensitivity.

I won’t lie I’m really not looking forward to the jabs tomorrow. After these, he will have one round and that’s it.

We have chosen not to have the MMR vaccination at 12 months which I’m sure will be met with much criticism. 





  1. May 7, 2017 / 6:12 pm

    I think you’re right it’s a personal decision and everyone should be allowed to make their own choices – whatever those choices are.

  2. Gemma Navsa
    May 8, 2017 / 5:13 pm

    You’re absolutely right. It’s a decision for you to make. Likewise I got really cross with the nurse who did tobys second set of injections. He cried as soon as she gave them to him and she said “oh dear what’s wrong… Is he due a feed?” I said no he’s not it’s probably cos you just stuck a fat needle in his leg! I was really cross lol xx

    • Kris
      May 9, 2017 / 7:47 pm

      Like babies always only cry because there hungry.

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