A trip to the Docter’s with a toddler and a baby

Kai has been unwell this week; we found a small amount of blood in his milk on Saturday afternoon, and after a quick trip to the local hospital, it transpired that he has a viral infection.

Luckily it hasn’t really bothered him too much, but he has been snotty, has a terrible cough and a rash on his belly. Waking during the night at least once has become a regular occurrence again. I’ve not felt this tired since he was a newborn.

The poor mites cough wasn’t getting any better, so I decided to take him to the GP to get him checked out. Some would call me a hypochondriac, the way I see it Kai is under a year and all complaints of this nature need to be monitored and checked.

I managed to get an appointment for the afternoon, for the time of year we only got the slot because of Kai and his age. If it had been Max or me, we would have been left waiting till after the holidays.

A decision was made to let Max walk to the Dr’s; it was only a 15-minute walk. He did fab; it took us 20 minutes to get there, and he only tripped a few times. The bus distractions were a bit of a pain ( He is obsessed with Buses and trains).

We arrived a little early, and Max wasted no time getting stuck in playing with the surgery toys.

The doctor popped his head round and called for Kaiser, so Max bowled into his office bold as brass sat down on the chair, arms folded ready for the appointment to proceed.

He is such a character and took great intreats in what the Dr was doing with Kai. After seeing him have his lungs checked with the stethoscope, he declared it was “his turn now”, and he hopped on the bed ready for his go.

I was so impressed with his behaviour; I won’t lie I was dreading taking them both. It goes to show that although he is a monkey most of the time, he can also be a well behaved young man.

He had a few stage 5 meltdowns in the afternoon; I guess it’s all balance isn’t it.






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