Top buys for an expectant mum…

When you fall pregnant and are nearing the end, you as the mother are typically at the back of everyone’s mind in terms of gifts. Friends and family tend to pick a pressie for the baby.

In reality, there are not much a newborn needs that you won’t have already picked up. Let’s be honest hands up how many of you would have loved a thoughtful gift for you instead?

Here are my top 5 gifts for the Mums (for when the baby is here), after 9 long months and labour we surely deserve something nice. Some of my choices are practical some are fantasy. I would have loved some of these after the long slog of pregnancy with Kai.

Enjoy, and feel free to share …..

Pyjamas: This one is really more for the people who are close to mum, if it’s your partner’s sister’s cousin whose just had a baby then I’d probably steer clear. If this is their first baby and there anything like I was after having my first you will spend a lot of time in your Pj’s. You’ll be so bloody tired that getting dressed will just not even enter your head.

Primark have some really lovely affordable ones.

A Spa Break: Ok so this one was never going to happen but a girl can dream. It takes a lot out of you having a child and I think every mum deserves a day of full-on pampering. For Christmas a few years back Danny treated me to a day at our local spa. I didn’t have kids back then but had the worst year so it was definitely needed. I ended up going alone because he didn’t think to get another ticket for someone to come with me. To be fair I had an amazing day and cannot recommend Reynolds Spa and Gym enough. I only had a few treatments if my memory serves me correctly, I left feeling extremely refreshed and relaxed.

A thermos cup– Once the baby is here you will not be drinking a hot cuppa for a LONG time. To try and maybe get to drink a lukewarm cuppa then a thermos is a must. When Kai came along there was no time to drink tea anyway so it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a thermos. I quite like the look of this one:

Food– Ok this one is a given. There’s a high chance that a new mum will not have time to cook healthy meals for the family. If your cooking a spag bol then make a little extra and take it round. Trust me it would be so appreciated by the mum. Chocolate and biscuits are always welcomed ( in my house anyway)

and lastly, if the mum already has kids:

Take the little uns off mums hands for a bit– I know better than anyone just how bloody hard it is having a newborn and looking after a toddler at the same time. In the early day’s I would have loved a little bit of bonding time just me and Kai. I was a little too proud to ask for help.

So there you have it my top 5 gifts for a new mum. What would you add to the list?



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  1. March 10, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    I’d love a spa day! That and the thermal cup, I don’t think I appreciated how good they were until a playgroup gave us our drinks in them… game changers!! The best bit though is definitely having someone look after your child(ren), my mum came and took my little boy for the afternoon. Even though they were just sat downstairs, it meant I could have some sleep, wash my hair etc.. I felt like a new woman!! Great post

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