Maximus and the nursery non-starter…

Yesterday was a pretty upsetting day over here, for me and for Max.

He was due to start nursery. We had been looking forward to it all week. I had been talking to him about it so you would be maybe a little ready when the time came for me to leave him in the care of strangers.

I had been talking to him about it so he would maybe be a little prepared when the time came for me to leave him in the care of strangers.

In my head, I had already mapped out a list of things I needed to get done in the time he was out, including spending some much-needed one on one time with my youngest.

Did it work out quite like that? In a word no it didn’t!

The session started at 9.15 am. So we were all up and dressed out the door by 9 am. The nursery is only a 15-minute walk so I had left us plenty of time.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a room full of parents and their smalls. The door’s opened and they all piled in.

“I just need a quick word with you,” The nursery manager said after she had let Max run into the main room with the other kids and the toys.

Ok, let me just rewind to a previous conversation with this lady!

After viewing the nursery and seeing how comfortable Max was there mingling with the other kids pretty much straight away, I arranged for Danny to come and see it because after all, Max is his kid as well.

He liked it as much as I did, but we had one preference. We would much prefer a female to change Max’s nappy when the need should arise.

Some of you will think us bonkers to have that view in this day and age. We are old school I’m afraid and it is what it is.

The nursery manager didn’t really know how to deal with this request, she did agree but stated we would need to put something in writing to go in his file. Which was not a problem at all. I think she was highly offended which was not the intention at all, it probably didn’t help that the only male working at the nursery was her son. That conversation wasn’t awkward at all… NOT!!!

So fast forward to the morning of the first day.

“After what your husband said last week, I looked into it and we just can’t do that it’s breaking my employment laws” “He can’t attend your nursery then!” I said.  coax Max out of the hall with all the other children and all the TOYS!!

I then had the joyous job of trying to coax Max out of the hall with all the other children and all the TOYS!!

I was upset, he was upset ( for different reasons).

I kind if felt like I was given an ultimatum give up my principles and beliefs and have his attend the nursery or stick to them and have him not.

Something about that really just doesn’t sit right with me. Yes, I fully understand the why but not the logic behind the why.

When did we stop being parents and having the right of having preferences over our children and the way they are cared for by external bodies.

I guess the question in itself is a non-starter each nursery will have their own policies.

I’ve enrolled Max into a school nursery now, they are aware of our nappy changing preference. Their professional response was that they currently have no male staff but this may change in the future, at which time they will sit down with us and discuss the issue.

He starts next week, I think maybe this week was a blessing in disguise, maybe he was meant to be at this nursery and not the other.



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  1. Zoe
    February 4, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    That’s so disappointing for you both as you actually made it in through the door. My family own Nursery’s and I’ve just asked this topic, they couldn’t believe a nursery would make the fuss as afteral nurserys are ‘we are there to meet the parents needs as well as the child’s developmental needs!’ They definitely wouldn’t make a rash decision on the spot like that!
    Glad you found a new place.

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