The birth story -Kaiser George

I know some of you love a gory birth story. There is no better way to relate to your readership than sharing all the gory details of labour, so this is my story.



Each week I was so sure would be the week but it never was. I thought this with good reason, Max came at 37 weeks and 5 days and everyone was saying it was likely this one might come at the same time.

I had been trying to stay as close to home as possible for fear that my waters would break or contractions start whilst I was out with Max.

This was my worst nightmare, I still remember clearly from my last labour how painful contractions are and I certainly didn’t want Max witnessing that.

I had 2 failed membrane sweeps and I was feeling well and truly fed up with being pregnant.

It had been really hot and I was just so exhausted from being heavily preggers and chasing around after a toddler.

Come the Friday (22nd July) I was so sick of being stuck indoors that I made plans to go to the park and meet some family for lunch.

We had a lovely if tiring day with lots of walking.

Late that night I woke with a feeling that babies movements were slightly sluggish.

Always one to err on the side of caution we popped down to the hospital for baby to be monitored.

Thankfully all was ok and we were sent home.

I woke at 5 am that morning with the most intense feeling down below (here comes the gory).

I figured I probably just needed a poo so I took myself off to the loo.

When I wiped there was bright red blood. What the actual fuck I thought this doesn’t look good (cue internal panic my heart actually stopped for a second) the contractions came on thick and fast there was no build up or much of a break in between. So off to the hospital we went.


After an examination, it turned out I was a whole 2 cm.

Your kidding I thought the pain was indescribable. They kept me in because of the blood which turned out to just be a really bloody show (it scared the shit out of me)

We stayed on the assessment ward for about 4 hours.

That’s 4 hours of extremely painful contractions that came on top of each other.

There was a lady on the ward opposite me who was being induced, I must have scared the living daylights out of her with the noise’s coming out of my mouth.

Danny was an absolute rock star helping me concentrate solely on my breathing.

Finally, I was 5 centimetres and ready to get in the birthing pool.

If you ever have the opportunity to use the birthing pool then I 100 % advise it.

It was awesome a bit like being in a spa (until a contraction came then It was the opposite of being at a spa).

The warmth of the water coupled with gas and air really helped me to deal with the pain.I even fell asleep a few times.

It slowed my labour down slightly but by that point I didn’t care I needed a break.

Three hours later after my waters broke in the pool (the strangest sensation ever!) I was ready to push. We had been discussing my previous birth earlier in the day and it turned out I should not have been in the pool due to a complication when I was labouring with Max.

In a bit of a panic, I was taken out of the pool and into a wheelchair with only a towel to cover my modesty on to the delivery suite. I must have looked a right state. The worse part was being transferred from the pool to the wheelchair, the pain was out of this world.

15 minutes of pushing later and out popped baby.

He cried straight away and I just bawled my eyes out. Dan got to cut the cord which was something he didn’t do with Max.

The next set of challenges will be over the coming weeks.

Where 12 days in now and sleep deprivation has most certainly kicked it.

How was your labour any gory stories to share?


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