Summer! Oh how I blooming hate you!!!

Hands up if the late sunset really effs up your kid’s sleep pattern… hopefully not just me.

Pre-kids I loved the summer, the light mornings and late sunsets. The warmth eating lunch outside whilst trying to get something resembling a tan.

Post kids this has all changed. Ok not completely, of course, I still adore the heat (the whole two weeks of good weather we typically get in the UK) and being a stay at home mum usually means I get to achieve a pretty good tan (this parenting lark has to have some perks right).

I just hate the poxy early and late sunsets.

Like Ana in Frozen says ” the sun is up so I have to be up” my kids have totally taken this saying to heart. Max more so than Kai. That boy is up and at the gate by 7.30 am on the dot every morning. Now this is a vast improvement to when he was Kai’s age and used to wake at 6.30 am, to some 7.30 am sounds like a lie in and yes to some it probably is.

As soon as Max wakes he’s up and sitting by the gate. I usually have a ten-minute rendition of “hello can you hear me” or the latest “hello it’s me, can you hear me” to which I usually reply “yes son I can hear you as can the whole street”

I don’t tend to leave him too long, last time he smeared poo over the carpet. I don’t think he was being feral, I think he thought it looked like mud.

We learned the hard way, a quiet max is a Max up to no good!!

To me, it’s an early start because the lovely Kai-Bear likes to wake once or twice a night for a bottle. He had slept through from about 12 ish weeks then a few months ago that just totally spun on its head. Part of me knows that he is waking because he is very aware that I WILL give him milk. I know I’m totally making a rod for my own back but I just can’t run the risk of his crying waking Max (then I’d have two crying children, there’s only so much a mum can take).

My boys go to bed at 7 pm every night on the dot (unless we are out as a family which is a rarity). Come this time I’ve had enough adulting and need a bit of Kris time (although this time is usually spent doing chores).

With these bloody light nights means Max can take anywhere up to an hour to go to bed. Thats an hour of crying, begging for milk and asking for mummy to “read bing” for the tenth time. Its no barrell of laughs let me tell you!

We have lined curtains so it’s not the light in the window but the light from his door. We don’t like the idea of shutting his door fully at night so its left open a jar.

Can’t blame him really for not thinking it’s bedtime when it’s so light outside. I remember being a kid and being sent to bed but being able to hear kids playing in the street outside- Worse feeling ever!

I long for the darker nights to draw in and with them to hopefully bring lie-ins in the morning (except for on nursery days then I need the boys up and at em early).

Am I alone? Are my kids the only ones affected by sunlight?



  1. May 8, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    Summer is definitely waking my eldest up earlier. Oliver is 2 and has always been a bit of an early riser… but since the light mornings, he’s awake at bang on 6 every day and shouting, “Mama… come and get Oliver!” at his gate.

    My 8 week old is sleeping reasonably well at the moment though (typically just 1 wake up between me going to bed and Oliver getting up) so I can usually squeeze in 5 or 6 hours a night. It’ll do for now!

    That said, when the boys are in their teens I fully intend to go into their room at 5am regularly and wake them up screaming, “Guys, wake up. Mama just wants to see you!”


    • Kris
      May 9, 2017 / 7:48 pm

      When my boys are teens I’m so going to stand at the door and say”Max can you hear me, hellloo” lol

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