My son lashes out- What does that say about me as a parent?

Max is a typical twonager, a fact I have written about many times (You can read those posts here). He really likes to keep me on my toes. Just when I think I have him all figured out he goes and moves the goal posts. It’s a constant uphill battle that I’m sure any mum of a toddler would be able to relate to.

It all started after he turned one. The saying goes “Terrible Twos” but for our boy it started a year early. He would throw strops, chuck himself about, we even had a period of headbutting and biting. All typical behaviour for a toddler I would say especially as Max didn’t walk until he was 15 months. I honestly believe at that point that most of the acting out was probably in frustration at not being able to walk yet.

Fast forward a year and it most definitely has not gotten better if anything it gets worse ( If you are a mum to a stroppy one year old then I’m so sorry to break it to you that it’s a long while before we see the light at the end of the tunnel).

What I find really hard to handle is the pure attitude and aggression. His most used word at the moment is ” No”. This word is used as the answer to most questions. It’s frustrating to me because I know he understands the question he is just using this to be incredibly cheeky.

Max, like any other toddler went through his biting phase (especially when I was pregnant with Kai) that seems to have been replaced by hitting. He would think nothing of slapping me across the face when he can’t get his own way. When he is reprimanded he often lashes out with the other hand which leads me to believe that it’s an action that has been thought out.

I think we forget sometimes that he is only two, we expect so much from him because he is a smart cookie. His vocabulary is fantastic we often have conversations and he understands most of what is asked of him.

The lashing out makes me question myself as a parent. Why is he doing it and is it something I am doing to make him need to express himself in this manner.

Why is he doing it and is it something I am doing to make him need to express himself in this manner.

I don’t know is the answer.

I try to always be fair with Max, when he is in a strop I try to distract him and to be honest most of the time he doesn’t want to know.

When he is good we heap a lot of praise and I try to not talk negatively in his company.

I’m praying that like the biting this is just a phase and that the storm clouds will soon lift. Sometimes it’s like living with a hormonal teenager who just doesn’t know if his coming or going.

Is this post relatable to you? Do you have a Twonager at home and how do you deal with the types of issues raised in this article?

I’d love to hear from you please pop your thoughts in the comments box below.



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