A picture is worth a thousand words: 30/06/17

It has been a really busy couple of weeks here (when is it not) with lots of things going on. We have been enjoying an amazing run of hot holiday like weather in the UK and have been trying to make the most of it before the inevitable rain appears (due today).

We’ve had not one but two trips to the beach with the kids and Max has loved it.







Max (2 and a half)

I’m really pleased to say he seems to be finally settling into nursery life. He only attends one morning a week and the drop of was a nightmare. He would be super clingy and upset, crying for the girls to open the door after I had left.

I’d learnt to deal with it because I knew ten minutes in that he was fine. This week he wasn’t clingy or upset AT ALL, he waved me off “Goodbye Mummy” It was the most bizarre thing. I’m just so glad that he is finding a routine and feels comfortable in his surroundings.

Max is the funniest little boy, I constantly say he’s two going on twenty. Some of the things he’s been coming out with are so funny, for example, the other day we were at the park and Max was on the slide, being in full-on mama bear mode I asked him to be careful “Don’t worry mummy” he replied. Another example of the cheek, we were watching something and I couldn’t get the tv to work, Max turns to me after I’d sorted the problem with his hand on my arms says sincerely “well-done mummy”. Honestly, the cheek of him really makes me chuckle.

Kai (11 months)

Kaiser has been living in milestone city the past couple of weeks. The crawling has stepped up a notch and my he is so fast. We are on a real mission to stow away any small toys out of his reach (a job in itself). He is able to pull himself from lying to sitting and has tried to pull himself up on the benches at yoga class.

To say Kai is vocal would be an understatement, he is turning into a real bossy pants and loves nothing more than terrorising Max. I honestly believe I’m going to have my work cut out for me in the next few years.

With 4 weeks till he turns one we really need to get our butts in gear and get a party sorted. I’m just praying that the weather is slightly better than it is today.



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