A picture is worth a thousand words…. 21/11/16

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that these posts are always set the week before they are published. That’s because the pictures are from that week.

Here are my favourites this week:

Left (Large Picture)

It doesn’t get any more Christmassy than this. Nanny and Granddads tree all ready for the stacks of presents for the good grandchildren.


Top Right

Earlier in the week, I put Kai in the Bumbo! Typical that for mummy, he hated it but for Daddy, he was not bothered at all.



We saw some of our close friends from across the water. Max utterly terrorised their boy; I am hoping it’s just a phase that one day will pass.


Bottom Right

The bond between these boys grows’s stronger and stronger each day. Max’s favourite thing to do right now is to lay his head on Kai’s belly. I do have to keep a close eye with Max he can be quite heavy handed.



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