A picture is worth a thousand words: 13/5/17

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks. What with trips to the park to see the steam trains, family ice cream visits and the normal classes it’s been pretty hectic round here.

I’ve not posted any new content here on the blog for a while. I’ve been concentrating on my existing content getting that all up to scratch. I decided to try and create a new header because I was really unhappy with my current one. I wanted something new and fresh a header that matched the vibe of my blog.

I’m no graphic designer and thankfully a lovely blogging friend (Hayley from Devon Mama) came to my rescue and knocked one up for me. I actually love it, its revigorated my love for the blog. I almost feel proud of the way it looks and feels now…. almost!

This weeks picture is just this one of Kai, it totally sums up what he’s up too at this moment in his little life.

One word rolling!

He’s been rolling back to front for a while now. He seemed to struggle to go from front to back and he certainly wasn’t doing multiple rolls. Almost overnight he has started to rock on his knees and it looked like he was going to progress with that. Then he realised that he can actually roll all around the room. We’ve had to try and cover the radiators and it’s imperative that all of Max’s toys with little pieces are kept well out of Kai’s way.

He becomes very vocal the past week he is much louder when Max is around but he loves screaming and laughing when Max is acting crazy.

Kai is going to be a smart cookie I think when I put him in the highchair and go to strap him in he picks up the middle part. I think he’s memorised what I do every time I put him in the highchair.

He is still such a super chilled happy baby and I’m praying he stays that way.


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