A night out without the kids

Last night I had a lovely night out with my best friend without the kids. The boys are literally like our sidekicks they go everywhere with us.

We went out for dinner (Macdonald’s – stay classy) and then onto to the cinema to see Bad Santa 2 (don’t waste your money its crap).

I’d actually forgotten we were even going out (baby brain at it’s best there) thankfully my friend texted me a reminder.

We had a pretty busy day yesterday mainly standing in queues in garden centres then a couple of hours at nannies and granddads to destress and have a cuppa.

Then there was the mad dash to get dinner ready and the boys ready for bed. While also trying to fit in a bath because I bloody STANK!!!

I was bathed dressed and ready to go withing an HOUR. What can I say I’m extremely low maintenance.

How refreshing it was to carry a grown up bag instead of a changing bag full to the brim with baby crap. I wore boots with highish heels (unheard of for me), my hair washed freshly washed and brushed. I felt like a half attractive adult instead of a baby sick smelly mum of two!


The above is clearly a stock photo, no way does our hair look that good (especially not mine).

The film was average, it was just lovely to spend time with my friends with no kids interrupting or dirty nappies to be changed. We didn’t have to worry about where we sat to eat, sourcing a high chair or fitting in the buggy.

Just being able to eat a meal without having to share was a revelation!!!

It wasn’t a crazy one and we were back home by 10.30 pm drinking tea.

I guess the point to this post is that as much as I adore my children, we all occasionally need a night off to recharge our batteries.


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