Mum send’s an invoice after child plays at another child’s house…

Anyone see in the news this week the mum who sent an invoice to another mother who hosted a playdate after her kid came home with scuffed and pen marked shoes.

Here are the facts:

  • The shoe’s where designer.
  • The child is 3!
  • The invoice was for the sum of £325.00.
  • The mother felt that she was not being unreasonable to invoice the child’s mother, that as the child was in the other mum’s care she was responsible for the playdate damage.

Here’s my opinion:

This story is absolutely bonkers, the fact the offending mother has let it be leaked on the net is as crazy as her actions in the first place.I feel a bit bad being so judgemental about this story and the mother’s choices, it’s just not something I can personally relate to.

According to the interview this morning on Good Morning Britan where Piers Morgan pretty much tore her a new one, people have been less than kind. What on earth did she expect? The child is 3 and has 60 pairs of shoes!!!

Whatever happened to just letting kids be kids. Don’t get me wrong if you want to dress your child like a model in designer get up, then that really is your business.

I think the mum, in this case, should be thinking about the lasting effect she is going to leave on the little girl; on the long term.

Let’s be honest were all thinking that this kid will prob grow up to be fairly spoiled with unrealistic expectations of the world.

This might be the case or it might not.

You would not find me spending that kind of money on my boy’s shoes, if I can that kind of disposable income then maybe I might. You can’t be upset when your child act’s like a child and makes a mess, that’s part of growing up.

I think this story is sad, how is all this media attention going to affect the poor kids and I’m pretty sure the invoiced mum will not be speaking to the offended mum anymore.

The interview this morning included a lawyer who confirmed that the Mum didn’t legally have a leg to stand on in regards to the unpaid invoice.

You can view the interview below:



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