Max and Kai – An update

It’s been a while since I have posted about the boys and how they are getting on.
I still find it absolutely crazy that there are 2 of them now and am constantly amazed at my ability to manage both of them
 I’m bigging myself up here, 2 kids under 2 is not easy.
I think I deserve a pat on the back. (As do all you fab mummys out there).
Both boys have changed so much since Kai bounced on the scene 11 weeks ago.
We’re nearing Max’s 2nd birthday (I cant quite believe it) and the terrible two’s has certainly arrived. To be honest I think it started just after his first birthday. The tantrums are epic, like nothing I’ve ever seen him pull before. He is just so emotional all the freaking time. He cries all the time at nothing at all. He has recently learnt a lot of new words, one of them being please. What Max fails to realise is that he won’t always get his own way just because he says please first.
This causes huge frustrations for him, he often wants something but can’t decide what it is he wants. We had a epic meltdown yesterday because he wanted something from the kitchen but I was to slow in working out what it was.I dont like to admit it but I did shout a bit, there’s only so much “please” I can take! Im just waiting for him to get peed off at having the wrong coloured cup or something, then I’l know the terrible two’s are real and here to stay.
Max is getting ready to drop his morning naps and the afternoons are a bit hit and miss. Problem is I’m not ready for him to drop his naps. I’m mean he goes up to his room whether he wants to or not he has toys up there so he tends to just smash them around the room. If he doesn’t have a sleep then he becomes super aggressive which isn’t good news for me or Kai.
Like I mentioned theres been a flurry of new words, and hes starting to put them into sentences now. He says “there you go mummy” quite a lot and hes learnt to say “sorry Mummy” the only thing is he sounds so funny when he says it that I don’t think he understands when it should be used.
We still go to his tots yoga class although he is ready to move up a class now. He can do the one he’s at now with his eyes closed.
His co ordination skills are brilliant and he’s really good now at kicking a ball about.
Kai is changing and growing every single day. He’s 11 weeks now and I can safely say he is thankfully sleeping through the night (I’l prob have jinxed myself now) I don’t think Max was sleeping thru this soon, I remember having to do night feeds for about 4 months with Max. Getting in the sleep I need is amazing and I’m a better parent for it.
He is really starting to show his personality now and is such a happy child. This week he has been full on belly laughing. It really is the most amazing sound.
Kai’s turned into a thumb sucker which is strange to me (Max was a dummy kind of a boy) he is at his most happiest when he’s munching on his thumb.
Were planning on putting him in his own room at the weekend.
To be honest I’m really going to miss him being in with us. I dont know if it’s because he’s a good quiet (now quiet) sleeper or because he is likely to be my last baby but I’m going to miss his cheeky smile in the morning.
I’ve been washing the next set of clothes this week, 3-6 months already (wahhhh). On one hand I love that he’s getting a whole new wardrobe but on the other hand hes growing up a little too fast for my liking.


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