Vikings,Play-Doh and weaning – #Little loves – 1/52


This past week myself and the hubby have been trying to catch up on all the tv series we have on the go where up to date on the following:

Vikings: This is such a good series, we’ve been tuned in since the beginning and so far this season is proving to be slightly emotional,

Lemony  Snickets: A series of unfortunate events: If you haven’t caught this on Netflix yet then go and do it now. The series is based on the books and it’s brilliant. Neil Patrick Harris and Count Olaf is inspired, I highly recommend this one.

Homeland: The new season has started and although only 2 episodes in, I think this one will be just as good as previous series. Clare Danes really excels in the role of Carrie.


I try and have the radio on as a break from the TV at least once a day. This week we spent some time dancing around to Micheal Jackson videos on You Tube. Kai was loving watching his mum silly dance, Max not so much!


We finally got around to playing with the Ice Cream Play-doh set Max received for his birthday from his Nan. He loved it, thankfully I don’t have OCD over mixed play doh.

The Kids:

This week the kid’s have been working on building an even stronger bond. Kai seems to love it when Max screams like a dinosaur in his face (strange boy). Max is really getting in the swing of being a big brother, I think he realises now that Kai is here to stay.

Max’s behaviour has overall been very good this week, although we have had a few timeouts. He tends to lash out when he is tired or frustrated. Patience is something we are both working on.

Kai has been a bit of a grisly gut’s this week, I think it has everything to do with teething. We seem to go through a million bibs a day and the chubba cheeks are red and rosy. I’m hoping the top two teeth break very soon, I hate seeing my little man in pain.We have also kicked off weaning this week, Kai is handling it like a Pro!



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