“I knew something wasn’t right”… An honest account of one mums c-section!


As a C-Section baby, I really wanted to participate in this month’s c-section awareness campaign. I have no personal experience of having a C-section (two vaginal births over here). 


I realise you came here to read a c-section story.

I turned to my good friend Hayley who also had a complicated C-section with her youngest Blake.

Here is her story in her own words:

I Went in to be induced at 41+3 exactly the same as both girls, nightmare getting a bed. 

Finally induced at 4ish on 6th December labour was slow didn’t really progress fast at 11 am on 7th Dec my waters were broken to try to speed it up didn’t work labour was still slow. 

Still had no pain relief then at 6.40pm I told midwife something wasn’t right she instantly got a consultant who examined me and said to put me on a drip I said no there was something wrong with the baby, midwife insisted she listened to me as a 3rd-time mum after 2 normal pain-free births. 

They examined me again and soon realised the baby was transverse (lying side to side not head down) alarm bells started ringing the consultant ran to theatre yelling midwives to prep patient. 

Between the midwife and Marc, my hair clips and jewellery were being pulled off me my nighty was taken off and a gown put on they put surgical stockings on and tied my hair up.

All this whilst still having labour pains and no pain relief. I was wheeled to theatre and marc had to stay outside I’ve never been so scared in my life I was worried for my baby and felt so alone!

All that I kept thinking was what do I tell my girls?! 

I was told to sit up with my head between my knees and DO NOT MOVE well try doing that at gone 9 months pregnant!!!!!!!!!

After I’d had the spinal put in I looked at the clock it was 7.04pm they tilted the bed in every direction it was to circulate the anaesthetic around my body.

I kept begging for Marc.

Everything happened so fast there were so many strangers in the room all giving me these half smiles the screen was put up and I was asked if I could feel anything felt a bit tingly maybe a bit like pins and needles.

Marc came in dressed in scrubs normally that would be funny but at the time I was just too scared. My teeth chattered the whole time I was told that was normal 30 seconds after marc being in the room the whole theatre team gasped (tears by now are pouring out my eyes) the consultant asked if he wanted to see I was like no don’t look it’s disgusting then she lifted Blake up and I realised she meant to see the baby!

I’d been in theatre less than 7 minutes and he was out!!

Don’t know whether it was fear or tiredness after a 27+ hour labour but I felt nothing of the actual caesarian!! Closing up then took about 40 minutes crazy compared to 30 secs to get him out!! We later found out the gasp was because his cord was in a “true knot” it’s extremely rare and basically, if I’d delivered him naturally I wouldn’t have my boy as he’d have starved himself of oxygen!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing Hayley.

Hayley and her family are family to us, reading this actually has brought a tear to my eye (even though I have heard the story before). I could never imagine going through such a long stressful labour and I’m so pleased that everything worked out in the end,

I couldn’t imagine their family without cheeky Blake being in it.




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