The only girl in the house: The best things about boys!

All my life I have been the only girl amongst a house full of boys. 

As a child, I had 4 brothers and a sister. The sister moved out with my dad when my parents divorced so it’s always been just me and the boys.

Now I find myself in the same predicament a mummy in a house full of boys.

As a young girl, I longed for a sister (even though I had one, I never really had much of a bond to her) someone to share my secrets with and apply makeup. Just to do all those girlie things that you just can’t with boys. 

Instead, I had 4 brothers 2 of whom were twins. My life revolved around tomboyish activities. Making mud pies, Climbing trees and scraping with the boys.

My life revolved around tomboyish activities. Making mud pies, Climbing trees and scraping with the boys. I absolutely wasn’t a girlie girl, well not till well in my teens anyway then it was ALL about the makeup and trying to make yourself look older.

Fast forward 30 odd years and I’m back being the only girl in the house. I LOVE it!!! 

These boys are crazy and if past experience is anything to go by its going to get crazier. I hear lots about how people prefer girls, you know because there like little princesses! 

Well not me, give me boys any day of the week.

Here are some of the best things about having boys:

  • They can be really loving. Kai can’t really talk yet so he’s out of the equation but when Max tells me he loves me, well my heart just melts.
  • There protective. Even now I feel Max is very protective over his old mum if he doesn’t like something then he will tell you.
  • You can have a bit of rough play with them. Boys tend to be a little tougher than girls, Max loves a little rough and tumble.
  • Max and Kai are my BFF’s, we go everywhere and do everything together. Max has a fantastic vocabulary so it really is like having a mini me around.
  • I won’t need to explain about periods or the birds and the bees (that’s daddies job)
  • We can get up and out the house in record time, there’s no hair braiding or styling to be done. 
  • Yes, they will leave me one day but I’ll always be their mum, nobody can take that away.

Having a third child often crosses my mind, do I want a third do I need a girl to make my family complete. I’m not sure that I do because, to be honest, I’m not sure a girl would fit in our family dynamic.

There’s no denying it BOYS ARE COOL!

Well, my boy’s are anyway, what do you love about your boys?



  1. April 13, 2017 / 7:14 am

    Ah such a lovely post I love my boys and how they play I do have a girl and she can switch from tom boy to girly girl in an instant which is fab for her 3 year old brother x

  2. May 7, 2017 / 6:13 pm

    I am loving having my little boy, though nappy changes took me a while to get used to! Us mummies are very lucky.

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