Date Nights after having your second sprog…

Pre-babies myself and the hubby were never crazy party animals. We did all of our partying when we were younger.

We did all of our partying when we were younger (we’ve logged 14 years of relationship to date, 4 of those married). In our older years became real homebodies, after having Max we are practically hermits. I for one love it, there is nothing better than ordering a takeaway and settling down to binge watch a TV series.

Obviously, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it certainly works for me.

Here’s the top 4 reasons why nights in beat nights out for us:


  • The weather: Ok so this is very British of me but honestly night’s out in the winter: bloody freezing and in the summer you’re sweating your makeup off. In my younger day’s I would out come rain or shine. A night in my pj’s in a lovely warm house snuggled under the duvet v’s freezing my buns off outside. Night in 1 Night Out 0
  • Nights in are cheaper: You can put £50 + easy on a night out. Whether you go out for dinner or even the cinema, the cost can escalate pretty quickly. A night in will likely cost you the price of a takeaway.
  • You don’t always need to find a babysitter: One of the downsides to having kids is that you need to get a sitter. Having two children makes that almost impossible, most people aren’t keen on watching both boys. Tonight Max has gone to his Nan and Granddads, so it’s a mini treat for us and him (here’s hoping Kai has a lie in). If you’re indoors and your kid’s settle well you can still have a date night without having to arrange for someone else to watch your kids.
  • No Hangover: Unless you’re big on drinking indoors (which we aren’t) then the best thing about stopping at home is NO STINKING HANGOVER! Since having Max I don’t really drink anymore because I know I can’t adult with a hangover hanging over me.

Some pictures of our wedding day, since then Date nights have never been the same!


These are our main reasons for preferring to stay in. It’s just so hassle free, which means we can just concentrate on spending quality time together which lets be honest doesn’t happen often once you have kids.

So have we convinced you? A night out occasionally is lovely but we homebodies are so content with being just that!



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