Christmas- Whats the true meaning of it really?

I come from a large family and Christmas was always a very good time.

Yes, my mum would kill herself all year to get me and my brother’s presents. She was a single parent with five kids, so I imagine that was no easy task.

She was a single mother with five kids, so I imagine that was no easy task.

I have great memories of family eating a full English and opening presents together. Getting up at the crack of dawn to stockings hanging on the end of our beds, full of little things like puzzles and satsumas.

I don’t remember ever going without on Christmas Day; it was a day to celebrate family.

Sadly as we all grew older and lost that connection, Christmas Day morphed into something else.The last Christmas day I spent with family we didn’t even have Christmas Dinner, my mum had worked the night before, and I imagine was too tired to cook a meal.

That is until I met Danny, he was my miracle, my soulmate and he (with his family) showed me again that Christmas was a day to celebrate family.

pexels-photo-190931Now that I ‘am a mother I can’t help but think what kind of message I want to project to my boys about the actual meaning of Christmas.

We aren’t an overly religious family, so I wouldn’t feel right to make the message all about the birth of baby Jesus.

Instead, I want to push the message of love and family. That Christmas day is when we all come together to celebrate each other. It’s not about the presents or keeping up with the Jones. It’s about spending quality time together.

I had a little panic because I don’t feel I have brought my children enough this year. I was worried that I was “tight” trying to do Christmas on a budget. In reality, the boys won’t care about the material side of thing’s just yet. They are far too young to understand all they want is Mummy and Daddy with them on Christmas Day.

That’s what they will get ,our undivided attention. A day spent at home with our boys and extended family in the afternoon.

Let’s try and not lose sight of what Christmas is all about.


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