Should children be allowed to attend Funerals?


As we age people dying is inevitable, as is the funerals as a result.

A morbid thought I know. I’ve been quite lucky in the fact that I have only had to attend a few funerals in my lifetime.

The question on my lips today is this:

Should we allow our children to attend a funeral?

As always the only opinion I can express is my own.

I don’t think children should be allowed to attend funerals. I’m

I’m of the standpoint that funerals should be for adult’s who can deal with the charged emotion and sadness which is surely unavoidable.

I’ve heard of people taking babies to cheer mourners up, I can understand this a little, I’m sure a bouncing baby will cheer people up, but what is the negative energy funerals and wakes can bring to a little one.

Teenagers may be a different kettle of fish, there older a little wiser (I hope) and able to make their own mind’s up about whether they would like to attend.


Looking back at the very few funerals I have had to attend, I can say the biggest factor of sadness was seeing those I loved being upset. Nobody want’s to see that!

Max was 6 month’s old when our beloved Gramp’s passed away. His funeral was one of the sadest days of my life and it still chokes me up now to think about it.

I would never in a million years want my child to see me upset like that. We were incredibly lucky to have a sitter to take him for that day. It would have been inappropiate for him to be there as much as I know my Gramps loved him he would not have wanted him there.

Obviously if the funeral was of a close loved one and you couldnt find a sitter then taking the sprogs along can be unavoidable.

We all have differnt ideas about what is the right thing to do, we must all do what is best for us and our children.

What do you think about taking children to funerals?


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