My boy now you are 8 months

A week or so ago Kai turned 8 months. I’m starting to think I need to start thinking about first birthday plans. This seems crazy wasn’t he like just born?

Max had a party at home with soft play for his first birthday and to be honest lovely as it was It was a ridiculous amount of work, I didn’t really get to spend much time with the birthday boy.

For his second we just went to the local soft play with some of our mum friends during the week. We did have birthday cake at nanny and granddads on his actual birthday. Much more chilled and more us.

For Kai were thinking as he is a summer baby (Halleluja) that a picnic in the park will suffice. I’m thinking we can do a buffet bring along some outdoor activities and let the kids play in the swing park afterwards. Something for everyone.

The past 8 months have gone by in a blur and Kai has transformed from a newborn to a baby full of personality.

There is never a dull moment when this cherub around, he honestly is such a happy chap.

This month saw the arrival of 2 bottom teeth and hitting the milestone of sitting unaided. Still a little wobbly but he is definitely getting there.

Constantly on the move pushing up on his feet and standing (with help) are some of his favourite things.

No real words yet but I’m sure I’ve heard mumma a few times.

Its true when they say no two kids are the same, here’s this months stats:

Max vs Kai (At 8 months)


  • Sitting unaided
  • Had 4 teeth (Top and bottom)
  • Rolled both ways
  • Would wake crying every day, whether from a nap or from bedtime
  • Was fully committed to baby led weaning
  • Was happy but quite a serious baby



  • Has 2 bottom teeth cut and the top 2 are coming through
  • Rolls back to front (He gets his arm stuck when trying to roll back)
  • Wakes up happy most days
  • Is fully committed to BLW, this boy loves his grub
  • Unless teething he really is the happiest baby, I’m just praying he stays this way.


Now that Max is in nursery one morning a week we get to have a little one on one time. I look forward to it every week, even if we’re doing mundane chores like the food shop it’s nice to have my little pal there with me.

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  1. April 17, 2017 / 4:31 pm

    Sounds like a perfect plan. Hope he enjoys his day.

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