Birth Story of Max,gory details and some handy tips!

Birth Stories:

If there’s one thing a new mum loves its hearing the gory details of another mums labour.

12 weeks on from giving birth for the first time, the memory has yet to fade.

I remember when he was born like it was just yesterday (and the pain of labour that goes with it, some women say they instantly forget it but trust me that definitely is not the case).

I wasn’t prepared for labour – so much happened that women never shared with me.

Sure I got all the horror stories about how painful it was going to be but there was so much I was not warned about.

Days before I gave birth, my husband told me a story that a colleague at work had kindly shared with him. The colleague’s wife had given birth some months before. As she was in pain and had requested an epidural, they stuck that needle in no more than SEVEN times, eventually causing fluid on the brain. That put me right of having an epidural as pain relief.







This story played a huge part in my decision to tough it out with just gas and air.

I never realised that you can’t have gas and air while you’re pushing the baby out, or at least my midwife didn’t allow me.

That was a shocker let me tell you. I didn’t go to any antenatal classes so didn’t know about breathing techniques – well I soon learned how to control my breathing and prevent a full on hysterical breakdown. After a while, the gas and air left my throat feeling so dry that it was easier to just try to control the contraction through breathing alone.

I never thought about after the birth.How my body would feel AFTER I had pushed the baby out. I was led to believe that I would be so high on the love for my baby that any after pains would be far from my mind, this is the biggest miss conception to do with giving birth.

Don’t get me wrong I was in love with my son but yes the stitches from the 2nd-degree tear hurt like a mother pucker (if the midwife says don’t push then listen, no matter how much your body is telling you to push). The midwife kindly allowed me to have gas and air when she was stitching up my vagina (so kind of her right!)

There’s also the placenta to consider, luckily for you guys I don’t have a picture of it.

When the midwife told me to give a little push to get it out I felt like crying.

Who was she kidding, I barely had the energy to push out a fart let alone a placenta.

We were asked did we want to take it home; I’m sure there’s a lot of nutritional value, its meant to be amazing for postnatal depression but no thanks, I think I’ll  give that one a miss. It looked like a giant slab of lumpy meat. The midwives had a lovely job of checking it was all intact.

All in all my experience of labour wasn’t too bad, although I’m telling it now 13 weeks down the line (who has time to start a blog when they have a newborn?).

I had a few days of false labour which was really my body getting ready. I was really sick (my body had a good clear out). I think pooping during labour is every first-time mum’s nightmare. My waters went at 2 am on Saturday morning and he was here by 15.08pm Saturday afternoon.

Here is a link to the NHS with some helpfull advice on the signs of the start of labour:

I was really sick (my body had a good clear out, Sorry too much information?)

This was a godsend. I think pooping during labour is every first-time mum’s nightmare. My waters went at 2 am on Saturday morning and he was here by 15.08pm Saturday afternoon. I have since heard far worse labour stories so I think we did pretty well all things considered. My waters also popped whilst I was on the toilet so there wasn’t even any mess at home.

Oh and one last thing, when you’re being examined by the midwife, it really does feel like they are trying to climb in there (no exaggeration!). I think at some points that hurt more than the contractions.

So that’s enough rambling on about the finer points of giving birth. It hurts A LOT but my boy was worth every second of agony.

Here are my top 5 tips for the run-up and preparation for giving birth, some tips I wish I had been giving before having my first baby.































  1. May 5, 2017 / 1:13 pm

    Can’t believe they they offered to let you take the placenta home! That’s hilarious! I felt awful after Piglet was born but that was due to the pain relief I was on, as soon as I stopped them and just had paracetamol and ibuprofen I felt immediately better

  2. May 10, 2017 / 7:34 pm

    Every birth story is so different but I am in complete awe of you having gas and air alone. It made me throw up. I also had a second degree tear with my first but second time round nothing so don’t let it put you off. Tea tree oil really helped in the bath with mine. Its a amazing I would do it all over again in a heart beat x

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