AIBU- A parent blogger take on the mumsnet thread

Ok, we’ve all seen the thread on Mumsnet “Am I being unreasonable” if you haven’t then you need to get over there and have a read. Hell, I have it emailed to me because it’s “THAT FUNNY”!!!

For all of you that are in the loop, you’ll absolutely see where I’m coming from.If you live under a rock then let me explain: It’s a thread for people to have a good old fashioned moan and justify it by saying “Am I being unreasonable”. If you are posting a stupid question and need to ask if you are being unreasonable then I would be so inclined to say YES, Yes you are being exceptionally UNREASONABLE!


Some of my AIBU faves:

AIBU to just shut up and think of the money – In relation to letting your MIL take over your life because when she dies there will be money

AIBU to be really annoyed when people turn up at my door unannounced- Because god forbid why would anyone actually want to visit you.

There was a really good one about Fanny condensation ( I have no clue either) I can’t seem to find that gem.

I wanted parenting bloggers take on the typical mumsnet contributors, here’s what those crazy kids came up with. After all who knows unreasonable better than a parent.


Sarah from Arthurwears

AIBU in refusing to allow my almost 2 year old to wipe my bottom after he insisted on being my ‘toilet audience’ ?? It’s what I do to him after all….


Kirsty from Winnettes 

AIBU to not want to eat my toddlers half-chewed banana she offers me (every time without fail)


Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings

AIBU telling my children off for pulling my trousers down! Especially in public!


Victoria from Verily Victoria Vocalises

AIBU to feel that my daughter’s school friends (aged 9 to 10) should NOT be requesting me as friends on Facebook!


If you are a blogger then head over to UK Parent bloggers for the rest of the hilarious AIBU.





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  1. January 23, 2017 / 12:20 am

    Actually one of those Mums net people have even setup their own forum dedicated to the world of AIBUS called

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