2 Under the age of 2- My Truth’s

We always knew that we would have our babies close in age. We did this for a number of reasons:

  • Age – Myself and Danny aren’t really getting any younger. We decided to have babies really late (in comparison to other couple’s we know). We’re both 33 now, and while many women are having babies later in life I always knew that wasn’t for me ( although never say never)
  • Getting all the good stuff out of the way –  We knew the beginning would be hard work but figured that in 5 years or so we will be done completely with the nappies, feeding teething, etc.
  • Bond– We wanted our children to have a close relationship, we are hoping the small age gap will encourage that.

I had all kinds of ideas and fantasies when I was pregnant about how things would pan out with two babies under the age of 2. I knew it would be had graft; I had this idea that the kids would instantly bond and that Max would immediately fall in love with his brother.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. In fact, it was the opposite. Max would either ignore Kai or try and hurt him. Thankfully a stage he is starting to come out of now four months down the line. Max is starting to show emotion like love and protection towards his baby brother.

Here are my five truths about having two kids under the age of two (well Max has just turned two, but you get the drift):

  1. Your babies will never nap at the same time. This is such a rarity in our house and when it occasionally happens it’s like magic. If Max is napping you can be sure Kai will be winging and visa versa.
  2. You will want to strangle your toddler and will probably shout or lose your patience at least a handful of times in the first early months. That doesn’t make you a bad parent; it just makes you human.
  3. You will find shopping a nightmare with a double buggy. Aisles are not built for double buggies, I very rarely go shopping with just my kids it’s not worth the hag. Food shopping is done at night when the kids are in bed. I can’t cope with the stress of getting the boys out of the car in the trolley, around the shop with Max screaming and acting up, out the shop back in the car and home. Just typing it makes me feel exhausted.
  4. You will need a good support system. Whether it is your mum, an aunt or a friend. At some point, you WILL need help, your not superwomen you don’t have to do it all alone. On the other hand, don’t take people for granted either, something’s you will have to do alone.
  5. It will be totally worth it. At first, it will be tough and you will question your decision but when you see your kids interacting with one another it will melt your heart


Being a mummy to two boys of a very young age is tiring, exhausting and sometimes I want to scream.

It really is the most rewarding job of all time. I wouldn’t be me without my boys, they are my world.


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  1. December 10, 2016 / 8:13 am

    Thanks for sharing this. We plan to start trying for another baby next year, Dex would possibly be around 2-2.5 when the new baby is born (if we are lucky and conceived next year, if at all!) like you, I am very aware that time is not on my side. I’m nearly 31 and possibly want to have two more babies.

  2. December 10, 2016 / 11:55 pm

    Aww I can relate to all of this! Mine are 15 months apart, but at ages 2 and 3 it is getting easier I promise! They even play with each other now (occasionally)!

    • Kris
      December 11, 2016 / 10:09 pm

      I do look forward to the day when they can play with each other and I can get on with other stuff haha

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