How to create your own Sensory Bottles: A Blog Hop

Sensory activities and crafts are a must for children of all ages, from newborn to toddler. Children learn a lot about the world around them by using their senses.

I must confess that I have attempted to make a sensory bottle before, it was more Pinterest fail that Pinterest wow in a word they looked bloody crap.

When my blogging buddies suggested a craft themed blog hop I thought what a great opportunity to revisit this epic fail and try to make something that looked as good as the ones I had seen on the internet.

So here it is my 2nd attempt to create what looks so easy to do. If you want to check out some good sensory bottle posts, then I highly recommend a search on Pinterest.

The one thing I loved about this craft was how simple it appeared, seems I muck up even the simplest of a craft. I would also recommend not making the bottles with your toddlers in tow, which sounds mean I know. Max was sat next to me and wanted to touch absolutely everything. It was a bit of a nightmare.

What you’ll need?

The best thing about this was that I already had all the gear in the cupboards so I didn’t need to worry about popping to the shops to buy anything new.

To make the sensory bottles you will need:

1 Empty plastic bottle (I used an Evian bottle which turned out to be too big) I would advise you use a bottle without ridges, they just look prettier.

A bottle of baby oil ( I had one kicking around, but you can pick this up cheaply in the pound shop)

A tube of glitter

Food Colouring 


Glue (for sticking the lid down safely)



  • Take your baby oil and empty around half the bottle into your water bottle.
  • Add your glitter
  • Add the food colouring to your water
  • Add the coloured water to your bottle leaving a quarter gap at the top.
  • Glue the lid safely shut
  • Give it a shake and enjoy

This time the bottle did look better than last. It still isn’t isn’t insta perfect but I think Max will love it. I would advise you not to mix green and blue the colour ending up looking very dark and almost murky.

The glitter did look very pretty but I felt that the baby oil didn’t make it oily enough, maybe I should have added more oil.

As with most crafts, it’s all learn as you go alone.

If you would like some fresh ideas for crafting then you NEED to check out the posts below.




















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