Welcome to the bloggersphere- What next?

Every day more and more people are deciding to join the revolution and become a “blogger”. The parenting niche has never been so popular with new mums and dads eager to capitalise on their new status as parents.

Some of you will be blogging for a hobby like I used to, a way to keep the brain from turning slowly to mush (there’s only so much baby stuff one mum can take) and some will start with a view of world domination and monetization.

This is my guide to the Bloggersphere, there weren’t as many how-to guides back in 2014 so maybe this will help one of you to manage your expectations.

Blogger or WordPress?

Your first dilemma will be which platform to choose. These are the main bad boys of blogging. I use WordPress (the free platform) and found that it was more than enough for my amateur blogging needs. Lots also use Blogger and have no problems there. If you are planning to go self-hosted at some point then I would probably advise you to start off on the WordPress platform.

What shall I write about?

Nobody can answer this but you. You need to write about what you love the thing that makes you feel passionate about writing. For me it’s my boys and occasionally offering blogging help to other newbie bloggers. Think about what you want out of the blog and maybe centre it with that kind of flow. If you try to emulate other bloggers then your unique voice will end up getting lost. That’s what will make you stand out from the crowd, your blog, your experiences, there really is only one you!!


Some bloggers blog every day, how often is the correct amount to blog?

This is another no right answer question. I started my blog as a hobby and posted pretty inconsistently. Back then I wasn’t blogging for anyone else but myself. Last October I went self-hosted and got a little blogger crazy. I had convinced myself that in order for the blog to be a success then I HAD to post every freaking day. The writing, the promoting, the stress of trying to keep up with everyone else took it’s toll. Trying to have a good blog/life balance was just too much. In December I decided to take a break over the Christmas period, I took the time to reflect and made a decision to scale back. I now post 4 times a week and I am much happier for it (as are my family).

To Self-Host or not, that is the question?

To make money from your blog do you have to be self-hosted? Many a blogger will say yes but I know some that are still on the free platforms and making money from their blogs. I definitely recommend obtaining your own domain. Not only does it look badass professional but some brands like you to have that all important DA (Domain Authority) if your pretty clueless as to what that means you can find out here: Domain Authority Explained

Next Friday look out for: What to look for in a theme, PlugIns explained and promoting after publishing a post.




































































  1. March 17, 2017 / 7:27 am

    Great post Kris! This will be invaluable for new bloggers. I’ll be sure to share it everytime I get a newbie emailing me to ask me questions.

  2. March 17, 2017 / 8:23 am

    Love this. Especially the stuff on finding the right balance of how often to post – it’s not one size fits all!!! Great tips x

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