Becoming a Successful Blogger: How to make it in the world in blogging!

A successful blogger, it’s something I’ve often daydreamed about becoming.

Am I a Successful Blogger? Well, that would all depend on how you want to measure it.

So here’s the thing, my blog could be good it could be great it could achieve great heights, I just don’t have the time or money required to make it amazeballs. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to! Go ahead and learn from me, what do you have to lose.

It’s ok though I’m happy with my blog and what I’ve achieved in the past 2 years. I write for me (and for you) there’s no real pressure to meet deadlines or post sponsored content that I don’t overly believe in just to be able to call myself a “successful blogger”. I try to write for myself, resisting the urge to become a “Page View Whore” (you know the kind, the people who post because they know it will get them traffic even if the topic doesn’t quite fit)

Why listen to my advice I hear you say? Well, this is the reason why I have done a tonne of research onto blogging, I’ve wasted hours, days, moths researching how to be a “big blogger”. I also love to help people so if I can impart even just a bit of wisdom then it’s all worth it.

So while I may not have a proven track record of success I have an opinion and knowledge and that’s something that might be valued by another blogger perhaps in the same boat.

Successful Blogger


Get your house in order! 

successful blogger

I’m talking themes, the cleaner and streamlined the better!No one likes clutter and if your site is hard to navigate then you can just kiss goodbye to readers sticking around long enough to look at your other posts. That’s the secret to gaining readers that keep coming back for more, you need to hook them in and make them want to read other posts while on your site.

I’ve written before about different themes you can find that post here:

Your choice of theme depends largely on whether you are SELF HOSTED or using a free platform like Blogger or WordPress.If you are self-hosted then you will be able to buy a theme if you are still on a free platform then you will be restricted by the themes available to the platform.

My theme is Evelyn Rose from a fab company called Pipdig.


Choose a niche!

Lots of bloggers will say “oh you don’t need a niche” but there wrong you do.

My niche is what I like to call THE BLAH BLAH NICHE, basically because I write a lot about my family and let’s be frank unless you know us you’re not likely to be all that interested. I do a sideline of blogger outreach and reviews that fit within the site.

Here’s a task for you. Make a list of 5 blogs that are super successful that you enjoy reading, I guarantee they will all be writing about something very specific. People like to feel like your speaking to them like your writing their thoughts, they love emotional posts or something that offers some kind of value.


Schedule Schedule Schedule!

Once you have an arsenal of great compelling content you need to get it out in the big wide world. The best way to do this is to schedule because nobody can be in all places at once. I’m totally crap at this blogging aspect because I tend to forget to do it and can’t afford to upgrade from the free schedulers.

Facebook: Your best to schedule using Facebooks built in tool.

Twitter: I use social oomph (the free version) when I remember to do some scheduling.A lot of bloggers rave about the paid version so that’s something to check out.

Instagram: I don’t schedule to Instagram but a lot of people recommend Grum.

Pinterest: Tailwind and Board Booster seem to be the applications of choice for Pinterest. Both are paid software (although I think you have so many pins free). Pinterest is something I’m working on so these applications might be something I invest in at a later date.

Good Quality photos

I guarantee you that the successful bloggers are using fancy pant’s cameras and using editing software such as Lightroom to make them look practically perfect in every way. Good photos in a post can make or break your page views. Nobody wants to read an article accompanied by crappy photos. I use my S7 which has one of the best cameras on a phone, I don’t tend to edit my photos, if I had the time then that’s probably something I would definitely do (and will in the future). If you find you’re, not a photography whizz then there is always stock images as a backup.

I’ve listed a few sites to get you started that offer licence free images that you are ok to use in a post on the blog.


A lot of my wisdom has come from following the big bloggers and taking on board the advice they all seem to love to dish out. If you are looking for a blogger with a proven track record of the above then you must check out Aby Moore of you baby me mummy 

Aby’s blog is very blogger focused and a hub of knowledge and experience which she is happy to share.

Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas of the sort of work that needs to go into having and maintaining a good blog.

Above all through write engaging content and build a loyal following and you’ll find it hard to go wrong.

Maybe when the boys are both in full-time nursery Il have the time to commit to my blog.

Did you find this post usefull, please feel free to check out some of my other blogger outreach related content:



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