Non generic ideas for when your stumped for a blog post…

There are hundreds and thousands of posts out there that will tell you 50+ ideas for blog posts.

Touch wood I have never had to refer to a list like that because frankly if I have lost the motivation and drive for writing then I tend to take a break. I have written before about what to do when you lost your blogging mojo, it happens to me around every four weeks.

Here is my go-to list for posts that aren’t just your generic take part in a tag or write about the season type of post:

Draw Inspiration:

We are surrounded by beauty and inspiration in every walk of life. Sometimes you just need to open your eyes to see it. We can also draw inspiration from the people around us, our friends, family and even other bloggers.


Readers love to see personality shining through a post. Nobody wants to read 1000 words of generic literature. Take a moment and look at your family, immediate or extended. Have a think about their lives and experiences. Can you draw inspiration from them maybe your mums a nurse who works tirelessly helping others, or the kids may have done something that might be quite funny for others to read about?

The Great Outdoors:

The list can be endless for this one. Maybe it’s a sunny day and the kids are out in the garden, you could write about garden hacks. Maybe you’ve taken a trip to the park, you could write up your experience of the park the good and the bad. You could post it on more local sites (people are always looking for park recommendations). I would recommend you tag the place you visited for all you know they might pick it up and share which is great for your traffic and getting your blog’s name out there.

If you are a keen photographer then why not do a visual post, around any outdoor theme. We live next door to some woods and I’ve been meaning to head over there for ages for a mini photo shoot with the boys.

Look at others in your niche:

If I feel my need to blog is flagging Il take the time to have a look at other bloggers whose posts I generally enjoy reading. What are they writing about could you write about it from a different perspective. I’m not talking about copying ( just so we’re clear, that would be plagiarism) but writing about a similar topic from a new angle is totally ok where I’m standing. You could create a secret board on Pinterest and pin those blog posts that bring out an emotion in you.


Days Out

If you are a blogger in the parenting niche then there’s a high probability that you will have family days out. Why not write about them and tag in the company. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate expensive day out to Legoland it could be a trip to the local soft-play. Lots of people want to know about events and places to visit locally, your post can help them make a decision about what they would want to do with their families. Maybe instead of a written post you could mix it up and create a vlog of your day.

Maybe instead of a written post you could mix it up and create a vlog of your day.

Seize the day and pitch to a local attraction. This would give you extra motivation to want to document the day. You could maybe even do a series of days out and find other bloggers to collaborate with on this.

What’s in the new’s

Lots of bloggers like to write for a targeted audience using what’s in mainstream media as inspiration. I wrote a while ago about the mum who invoiced another mum for damage to her childs shoes on a playdate. I wrote that because it generally interested me, I would try and stick to writing about the topics you are passionate about. Looking to the news is a good thing when looking for a post in a pinch.

Baby Led Weaning:

Baby led weaning is big business in the social media world. If you have a child of a weaning age then you cant go wrong with a BLW post, whether its something like a safety checklist, BLW essentials list or a simple recipe. You can share these posts in some facebook groups as well (make sure you check the pinned rules first).


Most of us review products on our blog. Some of them were sent to us by brands and some are products we have brought ourselves. If you find yourself in a work drought, then why not review a product at home that you already have. This would be a great opportunity to showcase your writing talents to use in future pitches. Also because you won’t have been sent the product you can really do a wart and all type of post.


These are just some ideas for getting the blogging juices flowing, hopefully, they’ve helped to stir some creativity in you.

If you have enjoyed this post or think somebody else may benefit from it please feel free to share or pin it for later.




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  1. July 12, 2017 / 6:38 pm

    Taking a break, getting out and about and reading more are the three things that work for me 🙂 A good refresh of the brain and screen break. Some nice prompts here 🙂

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