Is my blog good enough…

I’ve noticed a lot on social media that some people really don’t have the confidence in their blog, the belief that the content they are putting out there is good.

It’s a trap I have fallen into many times. It all stems from comparison.

You can’t help to compare yourself to others. Especially if you are part of blogging groups on social media. When you are coming across some of the more “established bloggers”(I really hate that phrase but its quite fitting) its easy to think that because you don’t have as many followers or a high engagement rate that your blog maybe isn’t as worthy.

I believe that we are all fantastic in our own ways and every voice is unique. Should blogging be all about stats and followers,bounce rates. It’s a subject I have written about before (read about it here) I was tempted to jack it all in, what was the point in keeping a blog that nobody was reading.

I’m so glad now that I kept it up, I don’t have thousands of followers or tons of people commenting everyday. My blog has grown in the past 19 months something I’m very proud off. My main focus is to continue on the same path, I’ve really upped my game on social media and I participate on a few Linkeys now (you can read my tips here).

I’m not being contacted by brands or PR’S banging down the door desperate for us to review their product or include their name in a post.

My blog is about my 2 little monkeys, I’m writing for them nobody else.


If I can make some pocket-money along the way then that’s great.

I know that with hard work and keeping true to myself one day I will be up there with the successful bloggers.

If I can give anyone advice it would be not to ever give up. If you think your post is rubbish still put it out there we all learn by our mistakes, whats the worse that could happen, people might not read it. So you take what you learn and you make the next one better.


Instead of trying to compare myself to other bloggers I now try to learn from them. Many bloggers have so much advice to offer and the majority of them are so friendly don’t feel afraid to approach somebody for some feedback and support.

So the overall theme of this post is BELEIVE in yourself and you will achieve great things.

Who wouldn't want to read about this cutie...

Max the toddler



  1. October 10, 2016 / 1:25 pm

    You are quite right there! Great post. I do believe we all compare blogs, if someone said they didn’t then they would be lying! I only started my blog in August this year so I am very new. I have come across some blogs which are absolutely fabulous and has made me question whether mine is good enough. We all had to start somewhere, remember that xx

    • admin
      October 10, 2016 / 1:32 pm

      I always think that everyone was at the beginning once. I think its a real shame that most brands will only work with the more established bloggers. If u need any help let me know like i said im no unmumsy mum but im happy to help anyone out 🙂

  2. October 18, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    I’ve come over for a read after reading your self-hosting post, and you know what I relate to you so much. You have definitely given me some motivation x

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