Instagram- InstaYES or InstaHellNO

It’s no big secret that I LOVE Instagram. We’ve been having a grand affair (shhh don’t tell the hubby) for a few months now. I used to post 2 or 3 times a day. Although recently its been more like once a day (I don’t always get the shot’s I’m after during the day).

If you are a part of Instagram, you will have noticed two different kinds of accounts. The Instant account and the photoshopped to an inch of its life account.

Which one do I fall in….. defiantly the instant Instagrammer,

While I don’t post in real time, my photos are all real. I do use a filter occasionally just to enhance my crap photography my images all 100% genuine.

You won’t find photos taken with fancy cameras just my S7 edge which, to be honest, has an excellent camera for a smartphone.

At Max and Kai, you get the nitty gritty, the happy times and the tantrums as well.

I’m not one for taking snaps of food, but you will find heaps of snaps of my kids.

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A lot of people love the polished accounts; I’m not taking anything away from those who chose this road to go down. You will find they have thousands of followers and will have 100 + likes per picture.

Personally, these accounts aren’t for me; I’m a lover of real life. You can’t photoshop real life, its tears, its love, its emotion. These things don’t always come in the form of perfection.

I very rarely post anything of myself on IG, I blame low self-esteem. I certainly don’t have this problem with my kids, there cute, funny and cheeky and I love sharing their moments.

I haven’t used IG as a platform to promote my blog; this is something that needs rectifying pronto.I will be adding this to the goals list for 2017 along with getting organised.

I have written all about social media and how it can help boost you blog, you can find that post right here.

What is your opinion on Instagram accounts, do you prefer the stunning picture perfect or are you a fan of do you love the honest, vunerable snapshot’s of family life?



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