Can we trust the reviews posted by bloggers?

Can we trust the reviews posted by our favourite bloggers? Its really fair questions in my opinion. There have been times when I will have been enjoying the candid content of a blogger, then they start pumping out the reviews or sponsored posts and it just put’s me right off, it makes me think do they really love that brand/service/product or are they just saying that to regain favour.

The rules state you have to be upfront and honest about reviews in all capacity so it’s often clear if somebody is waxing lyrical about a brand because they have been paid too or have been sent product to test.

Am I a blogger who receives products from brands to test and review?

The answer, yes I am occasionally sent items to test, its a bit of the perk of the job (That’s not really a job). Personally, I don’t monetise from my blog, I write for the sheer enjoyment. I also try not to review items that will not benefit my family or reader.

So how do we learn to trust the reviews on blogs for a particular brand we may be interested in? Heres some pointers:


  1. Invest a little time and research.

You can always tell when a brand is doing a campaign because you will see handfuls of bloggers all offering a helpful review of the product or service. Most will be the same content, try and search for reviews outside of blogs. Maybe talk to people in real life who may have brought the product in the past, friends, family or even a mum at playgroup.

2. Try and find reviewers who have actually bought the product and not been sent the product for the purpose of a review. I post reviews for products we are sent but I have also posted about items I already had at home.

3. Look at the content of the review:

Most honest reviews will have very balanced opinions, they won’t be totally gushing about the product and will list a few of the not so great or could be improved quality of the product.

4. Check out some of the other review posts.

If the reviewer seems to literally review anything and everything then it’s likely they don’t care for the product. I fond the reviewers who seem a little more selective tend to have the more truthful opinion.


At the end of the day, we don’t want to be fooled by online reviews, we want to be safe in the knowledge that the information being passed on is going to help us in our buying decisions.


Any blogger, reviewer, celebrity average joe who is sent a product to promote or endorse has to by law declare to the reader that they have received that product or payment of some sort for the advertisement. Many celebs have found themselves in hot water lately endorsing a product and not telling their followers about the product placement.


I like to think I’m a truthful blogger, I don’t monetise, so you know that I won’t be promoting every tom dick or harry. I love to write not write to live the words that come from my mouth are fact, not fiction. With Christmas fast approaching, you will notice a rise of review items not just here at Max and Kai but also on many other sites. Some of which will be very helpful when trying to sort out your Xmas shopping.

What you read on this site is mine and my sons lives together, the things we get up to and the different issues we face. We don’t tend to over edit, instead we prefer the what you see is what you get.




  1. January 17, 2018 / 5:36 pm

    You make a really valid point here – can we really trust reviews from bloggers who have been given items in exchange for a review? Great post!

    • Kris
      February 16, 2018 / 8:29 pm

      Don’t get me wrong there are many great bloggers out there who are reviewing items because they like them and trust in the brand. I think we’re seeing a rise of bloggers and so-called “influencers” basically being paid to talk about a product if someone has received payment can we really trust what they say.

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