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This weeks newbie blogger is Nicola who blog’s over at  Mummy Wales. Go check her out!!!!

Nicola is a real brand spanking new blogger having only started in June of this year.

Here were her responses to our blogger questions.


Tell us a little about you and the blog?

I’m Nicola. I grew up in North Wales but, after meeting my husband at university, moved ‘daan saaf’, whereby my ‘lolly ices’ immediately became ‘ice lollies’ and my ‘spread cheese’ became ‘cheese spread’. I have two boys, born Sept 2013 and Jan 2016 who infuriate and amaze me in equal measure.

 I started blogging in June 2016, mainly as a creative outlet and something to focus on aside from wiping noses and washing up. I had been toying with the idea for several months and have always been an avid reader with a vivid imagination. So, as my youngest started to sleep through, I found the energy to make it a reality. 

 The name Mummy Wales rather boringly derives from the fact my mum is known as ‘Nana Wales’ by the boys, but I do love my home country and miss it madly.

I blog mainly about parenting and lifestyle and, well, whatever comes to mind at the time, so recipes, funny anecdotes or anything else that makes me giggle.


Can you give an example of a blogging high and low since you started?

A recent high point for me came from a Peek user test of my website, where I received some amazing feedback that made me feel all warm and nice.

I’ve not really had any disasters so far, but I do struggle with timing.

I want to try to be consistent in how often I publish but it’s so hard with the boys, a husband and housework to work around.


What’s been your best post and your worst?

My most viewed post so far has been a humorous anecdote about a potty-training incident ‘Poo-mageddon – the end of the world as I know it‘. All I can say is: that not how I saw the day panning out.

My worst posts are the early ones, as I hadn’t refined my writing skills, didn’t understand that much about social media or promotion, and the images are pretty pants too.


How do you drive traffic to your site?

Mainly promotion over social media: my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Bloglovin.

I get involved in linkys, have joined blogger groups on Facebook, and I sometimes pipe up if there’s any offer of guest posting or being included in a mini series *ahem*.

I’m also on Mumsnet and I blog once a month for


What’s your favourite social media platform?

It has to be Twitter at the moment as its great for promotion, but I’ve also been able to meet other bloggers very easily through it, and have been able to learn lots more about the blogging world that way.


If you had a five-year plan for the blog, what would it be?

Short term, my plan is to develop my niche which has successfully eluded me so far, and obviously build my following.

Longer term I would love to become more well-known for my writing and to earn some pennies through reviews or such like.

It would also be great if it were to act as a platform into either adult or children’s fiction.


What linkys do you (if any )take part in?

I regularly take part in #SundayBest and also join in with #chucklemums, #bestandworst, #globalblogging and #bigpinklink.


Who’s your favourite “established” blogger? 

I’m a big fan of Rhyming with Wine.

It’s an incredible talent to have to be able to produce poetry like that and I am completely in awe of her.


Who’s your favourite “new blogger”?

 I love Mark Thomas’s blog The Honest Father‘.

He’s only been going a few months but I’m already a fan of his writing and it’s great to read about issues from a dad’s perspective.


Thanks so much Nicola for taking part.

You can connect with Nicola by clicking on the following social media links:





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  1. November 18, 2016 / 3:25 pm

    Theres a couple of linkys there that I haven’t taken part in. I might have to check them out! #thepod

    • Kris
      November 18, 2016 / 7:42 pm

      Do you have any linky recommendations ?

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