Blog On Xmas with my sponsor Nibbling UK

I made a decision late last year that I wouldn’t make a bucket list for the blog this year, I was feeling pretty down on my blogging self and really didn’t fancy setting myself up to fail. I just couldn’t see the point of setting goals for myself.

One of the things I really wanted to do was try and obtain sponsorship for a blogging conference. As scary a prospect it is to go to an event on my own and mix with complete strangers, bloggers many of whom seem to already know each other.

Seeing all the buzz over the May Blog On made me feel so much FOMO. I wanted to attend, to learn more about blogging. Was my blog good enough for me to justify getting sponsorship and how would I feel if I couldn’t get the sponsor? So many questions!

I think I just had a moment of what the heck I deserve just as much as anyone else to go and so I just put myself out there and emailed the brands I had worked with in the past.

So Im very excited to announce…… (Drum roll please)


It’s all thanks to my lovely sponsor Nibbling UK.

Nibbling are a fantastic online company specialising in teething products for babies. We reviewed a selection of their products last year and loved them: Nibbling teething review.

Since our review, they have updated their collection, you can check them out here: Nibbling UK

In celebration of the sponsorship between Max and Kai and Nibbling UK they are offering my readers a 15% Discount, just use the code BLOGON at the checkout.

I really feel that I will learn so much from the conference, I can’t wait to find out all the sessions and brands attending. It will also give me a good excuse to meet up with some other blogging friends.

Are you attending any blogging conferences this year and have you gone down the sponsorship route?



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