Blog building -Part 3 – My installed plugins

Today I want to talk about Plugins.
Now you have gone self hosted there are a million different things you can do that you couldnt when you were blogging on the platform, for example on .com you cannot add a video widget unless you upgrade to pricey preminum but being self hosted there is a plugin that allows you to do so.
I was completely baffled by what plugins I would need. I made sure I did my research and read many posts about bloggers top ten plugins. This really is a great idea because you dont want to use a plug in that is not fit for your requirements. It is always good to get a grasp on what works best for others because often that’s what may work for you.
So here are a few of the plugins I have installed so far:
  • Jetpack– This is a fantastic plugin that doe’s an array of different things. I have absolutely no clue how it works but I do know that it gives you a lot of the options you had on the free platform that aren’t readily available on .org. This one was recommend on nearly every post I read.
  • CommentLuv– This is the box after your comment on a post that allows other readers to see what you have recently posted. Now I dont usually click the link when I see other peoples comments but if the blog is something that I really relate to then this would entice me to check out other posts.
  • Image Widget– This enables you to add a picture for your about me.
  • Wordfence Security – Again I’ve not a clue on what it does or how it works, as far as I know its helping to keeping my site secure and I receive regular email updates from them.
  • Yoast seo– This is fast becoming my favourite plugin and my least favorite. It’s all about SEO, the plugin gives you help and tips on getting the SEO right. So what’s SEO …. Uhhhh another day maybe 🙂 Yoast is a bit like a teacher for me I want to do well and get the 2 green dots, it’s really a very sad state of affairs.
I’ve probably missed lots of vital plugins. I’m trying very hard to not swamp myself with new plugins straight away. I’m focusing on what I have for now then I can look at adding more later.
From what I’ve read too many plugins can slow the site right down so be very aware of this. Also make sure you delete plugins not in use as even deactivated plugins still make things sluggish.
Can you add any of your favorite plugins to the list?


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